Dogs, or Woman’s Best Friend

Dogs, or woman’s best friends as I like to call them.  Mine certainly is (a smattering of humans excepted!). A precious relationship of carer, confidant (they never tell on you), trust, companionship, and teamwork.  There’s some un-endearing habits, poo bags and attention seeking. 

A nation of pet lovers, we own a staggering 9 million dogs.  The food market in the UK alone is over £6 BILLION!!  Never mind the equipment – beds, collars, leads, coats, and toys that get unstuffed in nano-seconds.  Who hasn’t bought their dog that ridiculously gorgeous bling collar or cute toy?!!  Apparently, we spend an average of £93 per person per year on our dogs – hands up, I am super guilty, and it’s a bit like hiding the cost of your hair/shoes from your partner, so my lips are sealed.

My dog has at least 4 beds – one by the aga, one for bed, one in the car and one where the morning sun hits.  Plus blankets for wet, dry, cuddles etc.  No idea which he likes best, but do I get a look if one is (re)moved?!.  His wardrobe is more on-trend than mine, but let’s not go there!


He’s a working dog, and his 10th year will be the last at agility.  He has been on joint supplements for two years – uncannily glucosamine, green mussel etc just like his creaking human.  He has a physio and exercises to complete, which we make a game.  Warm up/down routines before exercise and competing.

It will come as no surprise that we tend to humanise our dogs.  Take special care of their diet and health.  Raw materials, appearance similar to our food, purist brands.  We attribute ‘human’ feelings to dogs, but the truth is they are the most successful species ever to domesticate the human.

They snuck in from outfield to our food and warmth, and made themselves useful in one way or another.  Then they took over the settee!  It’s a dog’s life, as they say.  With that, our top tips ….

Annabel’s top tips for dogs

I am currently giving my two Doodles some treats from Pets Purest – 100% Natural Pet Care and Health supplements. They make an extensive range, and I am using the Daily Joint Supplement treats for my older dog, which of course, he loves. Are they working? I have no idea, but I take supplements myself, so why shouldn’t I give supplements to my dogs? I think it is good to try to be proactive and avoid having expensive veterinary bills.

The ingredients are all-natural, grain-free, and hypoallergenic, and they never have any chemicals.

I want to try the Dental treats next, as I am so bad at remembering to clean their teeth every day. These little beauties come with the following promises ~

  • Eliminates Plaque: Our Dental Supplement Treats are made with seaweed powder, effectively reducing and eliminating plaque build-up whilst preventing tooth decay. Seaweed contains enzymes that help keep your dog’s mouth free from bacteria.
  • Supports Immunity: We’ve added essential vitamins and minerals to keep your dog feeling its best daily.
  • Powerful Antioxidants: Our Dental Treats are packed with antioxidants that reduce the risk of disease and inflammation.
  • Tasty & Natural Supplement Treats: Our delicious supplement treats contain 100% natural, high-quality ingredients. They are chemical-free, hypoallergenic and grain-free.
  • Easy To Use: No more brushing teeth! Simply feed the recommended number of treats per day to keep your dog’s mouth clean and healthy.

There is also a dental spray that you just spray into their mouth once a day.

The range is not just for dogs but also for cats. There are so many great products on their website that Pets Purest has now become my go-to website for any problems like fleas, eye wash, a tummy settler, flea spray, and the list goes on. Soon my dogs will be so pure!

Some more good news, we have a 10% discount code for everyone – AG10. Click HERE to go to the Pets Purest website.