Enjoy a relaxing, indulgent and much-deserved duvet day

Annabel and I ended up in bed together yesterday. Yep. We treated ourselves to a duvet day. We had a lovely girly chat, munched on popcorn and chocolate, lit a scented candle for some calming fragrance and had a couple of soppy DVDs at the ready. Bliss.

Now as the colder weather is definitely here, we highly recommend the duvet day experience. In fact, why not get that box set out that you’ve never got round to watching and make a really indolent weekend of it!

During the video, Annabel mentioned that parents’ spending habits change when their kids fly the nest. She got this info from a survey, by bedding giant Slumberdown, which looked at the spending habits of parents in the UK whose children are currently attending or have attended university. It revealed that 50% of parents spent more on fruit and vegetables while their children were away. Whereas university students, on average, spend only £12 a month on fresh produce. Apparently empty nesters up their champagne intake (now what does that say?!) and students at uni follow their example, but they choose to spend an average of £28 per month on beer, wine and spirits. Which, interestingly, is more than they lash out, per month, on dairy products (£9.13), frozen foods (£8.45), and cleaning goods (£6.75) combined.

duvet daySo ladies, why not pop open a bottle of champagne and settle down for some serious relaxation! You deserve it.

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6 years ago

love your blogs. keep them coming 🙂

6 years ago
Reply to  ruthfuller872

Thank you so much – we do have fun making them. The new iphone7 is a brilliant video camera and we used it for Duvet Day and our soon to be published vlog on the House of Colour shape consultancy so hope you catch that one too. Annabel