Duvet Hog: duvets made out of recycled plastic but feels like goose down

When Grace and I were asked to try out the Duvet Hog, which has a fibre fill that comes from recycled PET plastic water bottles, we were intrigued. We have seen dog beds, fashion and even jewellery made out of recycled plastic. However this seemed one step too far. Did we really want to snuggle up under a load of recycled plastic water bottles? It hardly sounded very soft and comforting and our beds are our sanctuary, particularly now.

Duvet Hog: duvets made out of recycled plastic but feels like goose down

However Grace and I are always keen to try anything that is going to have environmental benefits. Before Covid-19 everyone was concerned with climate change and the irrevocable damage it was having on our planet. I think if there is one thing that has been positive and noticeable during this world lockdown is that the air is so much cleaner. With a reduction in air and road traffic and the closing of factories it appears that at last our planet can now breathe even if this virus is having the opposite effect on the humans living in it that contract Covid-19.

Apparently people in India can see the Himalayas for the first time in ‘decades,’ as the lockdown eases air pollution. There has been a sustained drop in noxious nitrogen dioxide emitted by burning fuel, cars, power plants, and construction machinery, and it can aggravate respiratory symptoms and asthma, among other negative effects.


So when my Duvet Hog arrived as we went into lockdown I thought this could not be better timing as we were about to have a lot of ‘duvet days’ stuck at home. I chose the summer weight duvet and again this was fortuitous as we had a pre-summer burst of hot weather.

Duvet Hog: duvets made out of recycled plastic but feels like goose down

As I said the fibre fill for the Duvet Hog comes from recycled PET plastic water bottles. They spin it like candyfloss and keep folding until each duvet is soft, light and fluffy. Just like a cloud. All done in the Duvet Hog eco-factory, which uses 100% renewable energy and produces zero waste.

These duvets are made without chemicals or toxins. The designers at Duvet Hog also wanted to keep allergies under control so they’ve made all of their duvets hypoallergenic. This makes them naturally resistant to mites, mould and mildew.

Another great bit of news is that you can wash and tumble-dry these duvets at home. Yep, all sizes, even the biggies! ‘They come out like new every time’, the press release read. Even though I had only slept under my Duvet Hog for 10 days I tested the washing claim and it really does come out like brand new. Perfect for me as our dogs do occasionally join us in bed and so a good wash now and then is necessary.

The first night that we slept under our Duvet Hog my Other Half did not know I had changed our duvet but he immediately noticed how light the duvet was. I said nothing and the following morning he remarked how he actually loved the lightness and he never got either too hot or too cold during the night.

When I told him the filling was recycled plastic bottles he could not believe it as it feels like down. Maybe it is lockdown fever but we were both extremely excited about our new duvet. I suffer from allergies and now, after three weeks of sleeping under a Duvet Hog, I have realised that I no longer suffer from early morning blocked sinuses. I was going to give the duvet to one of my daughters but not now as I love it so much.

And some more good news Duvet Hog duvets don’t cost the earth!


I know packaging isn’t everything, but I was impressed when I opened the box containing my new duvet. Inside a fresh white cotton bag emblazoned with the vibrant pink logo, I found my new bedding was embroidered all the way around the edge:

Duvet Hog: duvets made out of recycled plastic but feels like goose down

I believe that when a company takes care with every aspect of their product, it shows an all-round professionalism. The duvet itself is doing a great job keeping me comfortable – despite being manufactured from recycled water bottles rather than natural feathers. Not only is Duvet Hog planet-friendly bedding, but it is machine washable at up to 60 degrees. So no more expensive dry cleaning bills for me. To sum up, this is one duvet that I will be happy to hog to myself!


Did you know most duvets cannot be recycled and end up in landfill? DUVET HOG are on a mission to encourage people to give their duvets another chance with a quick wash and spin.

So do your bit for Mother Earth in more ways than one. No need for a trip to the tip or a pop to the shop. Goodbye carbon footprint. Hello fresh-smelling, comfy duvet!

For more info on the DUVET HOG click HERE to go to their website. There is a 30 day money back guarantee if you don’t like it, though I doubt you will. Annabel & Grace readers are entitled to 15% off – just quote AG2020 at checkout.