ELEGANT DRESSING GOWNS / Shibumi / CountryWives online magazine for older women

I am off to have a detox this week – perhaps I should have, as Husband suggested, booked it AFTER Christmas rather than before but I am hoping that I will return home with a new outlook on eating (ie less greedy and less liable to reach for the wine!) Anyhow, I will be wafting around an hotel for a week and so I set about finding something elegant to do said wafting in. Google came up trumps with a company called Shibumi who specialise in silk and cashmere and, luckily for me, stock some fabulously elegant dressing gowns.

ELEGANT DRESSING GOWNS / Shibumi / CountryWives online magazine for older womenI chose the Eucalyptus colour. It’s made with a french seam so I can wear it inside out. The reverse colour is Moss Rose (as worn by Annabel in the photograph below). That’s both clever and versatile in my book, giving me two gowns for the price of one. The sizes are generous too and will fit from 6 – 26. Each gown is available in a range of exquisite colourways – there are swatches so you can choose the one you like best. You can also bespoke the gown’s length on request – so brilliant for the shorter or taller among us. I am 5’8″ and the standard version is floor length on me – I feel super elegant wearing it.

ELEGANT DRESSING GOWNS / Shibumi / CountryWives online magazine for older women

Annabel’s review: “I think the first thing that caught my attention was how unusual the Shibumi dressing gown fabrics are. Then, when I put one on, I fell in love with the silk/cashmere mix as this makes them warm without being bulky and the fabric does not crease so I could easily pack one for a weekend away. They are totally luxurious and I can happily wear mine as a housecoat in the winter for just lounging around.”

About Shibumi Specialising in stunning occasion-wear, they have collections of gorgeous jackets, coats, dresses blazers, playsuits, kaftans, kimonos and silk dressing gowns. They cater for all shapes, sizes and ages, so if you are looking a really special outfit, this could be the website for you. Shibumi is committed to global support, ethical practice and sustainability, with 10% of profits donated to global charities.

Have a look on their website – there’s 10% discount when you place your order by phone (01453 832 098) and mention CountryWives.


  1. Thank you so much for this link to Shibumi! I’ve been looking for a luxe kaftan for ages, and the one with the Nehru collar is perfect. Just off to order! Thanks again!

  2. Love these but even with a reasonable pension these are unaffordable to me and many of your readers. Please occasionally find us lovely things we can afford

    • I am answering for Grace as she is currently away.
      We do our best to find reasonable items that all of our readers can afford however we also like to find unusual and beautiful items and whilst we fully appreciate what you are saying we are glad that you can also enjoy the broad range that we write about. These gowns from Shibumi are of the highest quality, hand made and very beautiful so we wanted to show them but we also often feature items from the online high-street including Marks and Spencer, Boden, M&Co amongst many others. We only write one or two fashion posts a week and this week we had a second post with more affordable clothes.
      In the New Year maybe we can find some other dressing gowns that you will like – I must admit that it is an item that is not often included in fashion ranges and yet we may spend a lot of time in them over the course of a year! Have a happy Christmas and keep reading!

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