ELLIE’S BLUE CHEESE PASTA (In there, In there! )…

pastaI have never tried to translate a recipe of my own into followable instructions but I am going to do my best, any questions just email countrywives@gmail.com and I’ll try to answer any questions. This recipe is a firm favourite in our family; if my sister in law comes to stays she insists on it, easier than boiling an egg, very filling and absolutely deee-licious however not recommended as part of a calorie controlled diet!


Our son used to sit in the huge serving hatch watching his hero, the chef, making this dish in a restaurant chain on the Kings Road when he was two; the chef gave him a special hat to wear when we came in and he would sit, mesmerized, sucking his thumb and cuddling his soft toy (a cow), we named the recipe “In there, In there” because whenever we walked past the restaurant my son would shout “In there, In there!”. The following is my interpretation of chef’s recipe all those years ago.

INGREDIENTS: SERVES  8 : I recommend serving a small amount (ladle full) on each plate

1 x 500g packet supermarket fresh fusilli (or whichever shaped pasta your family prefers!)

1 – 1 1/2 packets of Saint Agur Cheese (depending on how strong you like the cheesy flavour)

1 x large tub of single cream (or more if you like it really creamy)

Tbsp salted butter

(are you following me so far?)

Pinch of salt & cracked black pepper (optional)

Crumbled walnuts and flat parsley to garnish

Sprig of flat parsley


Cook pasta as per instructions, drain, set aside and keep as warm as possible, the next stage only takes a few minutes. Put the butter in a large saucepan and melt, add the cream, heat, then crumble Saint Agur into the mixture, wait until the Saint Agur is melted and the mixture starts to simmer, quickly add the cooked fusilli, stir so that all the pasta is covered, add a pinch of salt and black cracked pepper and serve immediately with a small rocket and red papper salad.