Everything for the lashes (other than mascara)

Can you believe all the products there now are for eyelashes? Apparently layering is the new way to go and I don’t just mean with layers of mascara.

I crave luscious lashes… who doesn’t?  However I would love to achieve this look without having to wear extensions. They don’t work for me as they itch. Or false lashes (they make me look like a WAG). I just want a natural look that enhances my eyes particularly as one gets (slightly) older our eyelashes do thin out.


eyelashesI have been using Amalian lashes for the last 3 months which is a unique, highly effective and water-soluble gel based on hyaluronic acid that revitalises and stimulates the growth of eyelashes. Apparently it can be used on eyebrows as well. I can only report back on my eyelashes which my beautician says have definitely got longer and thicker. So when she did my Yumi lashes just before I went to Spain, they looked even better. You apply a thin line of the lotion to the base of your upper lashes every night and after about 4 weeks you will notice the difference. It is expensive at £80 however I have been using one tube for over 3 months and it shows no sign of running out.

eyelashesFinally, as my eyelashes are quite pale I like to darken them with dye.  Recently I discovered Benefit’s They’re Real! Tinted Primer  The soft brown undercoat separates and softly defines the lashes which gives a very natural day-to-day look. Of course if you want something more spectacular then layer mascara on top.