Failsafe Ways To Wear Colour: Simple rules that keep you looking stylish

It’s all too easy to slip into a routine with our clothes isn’t it. Particularly when it comes to colour. So I thought you might find it useful if I offered you a few ideas on how to wear colour effectively. Here are four different ways to ring the changes that will keep you looking stylish – mono, complementary, clashing and tonal.


Mono, or monochrome dressing, is not just about black and white. It actually means wearing separates of one colour – any colour you like that suits you. Scroll down this post if you’d like to find out which colours will be most flattering for you. I’m dressed casually in this photo but mono dressing also works particularly well when you are occasion dressing – tres chic for the social season as two of our Royals know only too well…

  • Jenna swing tunic in Blackberry (available in 5 other colours) £75
  • Jersey maxi skirt – available in 7 colours £65
  • Boho necklace £45


Complementary colours are those which are directly the opposite on the colour wheel. Which means they really offset each other when you apply this principle to what you wear. I’m demonstrating blue and orange but you could equally choose green/red or yellow/purple.

  • Shawl wrap in Navy one of a large selection from £39
  • Lauren Jersey trousers 9 colours available £45
  • Imogen top in Burnt Orange + 19 other colours available £39
  • Crystal Hoopla necklace £41.30


Did you know that you can mix and match any of the clothes in your seasonal colour palette and they will always look great together. Unusual colour combinations can be a fun way to ring the changes and make your existing wardrobe work even harder for you.

Here is a fun quiz if you’d like to know what your optimum colours are straight away:

Alternatively, House of Colour is the place to organise your Colour Analysis Consultation .


Tonal is when you take various shades of the same colour and wear them together. Here I’ve gone for a selection of greens, but you could, of course, apply this way of dressing to any colour you particularly like.

  • Silky roll neck in Moss (and no less than 35 other colours) £39
  • Connie sweater in 8 colourways including the Deep Forest Marl I am wearing. £79
  • Three way scarf in Out of Africa (4 other colourways available) £59

Thanks to Kettlewell Colours for lending me the clothes. They were all my own choices and this is not a sponsored post.

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