Fashion can be fun at our age. Be inspired by other women Instagrammers

When you get to our age, women over 50 and 60, fashion becomes very personal as you know what suits you and you are not dictated to by the current trends. However, when I am scrolling through Instagram, I often find pictures of women that inspire me to give my own style wardrobe a bit of a shake-up. The following pictures are of such women, and you should follow them on Instagram if you want some more inspirational style ideas. In the meantime, I have tried to recreate their looks using clothes and/or accessories that I have found online.

I found this lady on Photographer Susie Lang’s Instagram page. Susie is always searching for women aged 60-95 showing inner beauty, ageing, wrinkles, life experience, i.e. being who you are.

This particular lady from her page has matched her earrings to her lipstick and her multi-coloured jacket. By drawing one’s eye to the earrings and lips, she immediately exudes vitality and fun. She is both bold and beautiful.

Here is how I recreated the look – click below the images to go through to the relevant website page if you want more info.

Who said jumpsuits or leopard print are only for the young?

Worn here by Scandinavian Instagrammer, Elisabet shows that style is not reserved just for the young. Elisabet has got style in bucketloads. She has a fabulous figure and enhances it showing she has good legs and still has a waist. Follow Elisabet on Instagram HERE for more fashion tips from someone full of life and fun and overflowing with stylish tips.

Below I have found a couple of jumpsuits – one for a day look and one for a more dressed-up occasion. The navy one from Boden is in their sale for £70 and, at the time of writing, all sizes are available. The Orchid Green drapey satin jumpsuit is from the new S/S 20 collection at Me+Em. Finally, for a floaty leopard print skirt, go to Anthropologie and style it as Elisabet has with bright accessories. I love her choice of red in this instance, and her nails are painted with the same colour to complete the outfit.

Click below the images to go through to the relevant website page if you want more info.

This lady, another beautiful woman over 50, I found on the Instagram page, A Year in Style – where her bio says: Empowering women to age with intention + style. We discuss fashion + interiors + lifestyle + beauty.

I love this picture because this lady looks effortlessly stylish. She has combined casual, frayed jeans and flatform brogues with a dressier blouse and coat. Note there is a cacophony of colours going on here, but it all comes together beautifully. This is one of the most difficult styles to achieve, and it takes confidence to carry it off. I would never have thought of wearing a pink blouse under the gold coat, but the blouse is like a pop of colour similar to wearing a statement necklace. An outfit does not need to be matchy-matchy to make it look good.

Again I have tried to recreate this look:

COAT FROM SHIBUMI – there are so many styles and fabrics
Click HERE to see the full range

Denim is always in fashion, but too much can be overkill, or so the fashion pundits tell us. However, this lady has nailed the look. There is a difference between the denim colour of her jeans to the rest of the outfit. However, is it the pink wash hair that has given this outfit the final endorsement?

Find this lady amongst many other stylish women on the Instagram page, and.bloom. She is called Willemijn, and her statement on growing older reads: ”I have no problem with growing older, I love my life. I also don’t feel my age, and honestly, I think it is a mindset; if you feel positive about ageing, you age in a positive way. Besides that, there are so many great and beautiful things to live for.”

Artichoke Collection have a fabulous selection of denim. The shirt/jacket I am wearing in the right image is so soft I can wear it as a jacket as shown, or button it up as a shirt.

Click below images to go through to the relevant website page if you want more info.

As we come into Spring, we must be thinking of getting out our floral dresses. This is a look that I love and have adopted. It is so easy – the feminine maxi dress with ankle boots and a cropped jacket.

This Instagrammer, Sophie Van de Vyver, dresses in a very feminine way, enhancing her blonde, blue-eyed stunning looks. There are many pictures of her on her Instagram page styling florals in various ways. She knows the colours that she looks good in. Understanding your colour range is a big step to getting your fashion look right. Even if fashion pundits are pushing neon colours and you know that you only suit pastels, steer away from the neons – don’t be a slave to fashion.

I like the way Sophie has styled this outfit for the picture; it shows how we can take a colour that we would not suit in a whole outfit but use it as a highlight, which Sophie has done with her khaki jacket.

These are all women over 50, and I think most are over 60 who have made me think outside my rather conservative style box. Let us know if you have any unusual style tips in the comments section below this article, as we love to hear from our readers.

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