Fashion specifically for stylish older women

Do young women understand the issues of being a #womenover50 and finding clothes to enhance, flatter, fit and generally feel fashionable in? The answer is normally a resounding ‘No’ and that is understandable because, on the whole, they have no experience and their bodies fit the classic sizes. However when I interviewed Jacynth Bassett, owner and founder of all of those preconceptions were shattered. Jacynth is a 25 yr old Cambridge law graduate who realised, whilst shopping with her very stylish 60 something mother that there was a gap in the fashion market. So she decided to fill that gap by launching her own website with carefully selected fashion for older women from a range of designers and since her ‘shop’ is online it avoided the interaction with often unhelpful sales assistants.

fashion for older women

Jacynth’s mother like Grace and I, was fed up with being ignored and considered irrelevant to fashion. Most of us love to dress well whether it be for a party or for everyday. We love to make the best of ourselves with our not so perfect body shapes. Many of us enjoy colour and pattern in our clothes even though we once would only consider regulation black. Our clothes are less functional and are more to enhance. This does not mean we dress to impress as by now we have done most of our impressing. But when we have finished dressing we want to look in the mirror and see a woman who has made an effort and made the best of what she has.

Jacynth says, “A love for fashion, or simply wanting to look good, has nothing to do with the decade you were born in. But the majority of clothing aimed at middle-aged and older women is frumpy and boring. It consists of boxy tailoring or lots of layers, both seeming to suggest that mature bodies should be hidden away. Elasticated waists and matching twinsets are also ubiquitous – hardly inspiring for stylish women of any age.”

The website, The-Bias-Cut, was only launched in March 2016 and, when I caught up with Jacynth in June for a chat, the clothes were already selling like hotcakes. As with all the products that we recommend on our website we like to ‘try & test’ them as photos don’t always tell the whole story. Jacynth happily packed up a box of samples and sent them off to us. Grace and I spent a wonderful morning trying them on (see our video below). The Nadima trouser was a classic as the moment I put them on I realised how the cut and fabric worked so well, elongating and slimming my legs all at the same time. The Brina jacket had a similar effect with its longer length and the patterned fabric definitely made this more interesting (and just as useful) as a plain navy jacket.

fashion for older women

Grace fell in love with the Jacket Stripe Blue with its wide Breton stripes and fun lining. Again with this piece the jacket does all the talking and the eye is drawn away from one’s body.

The Bobby denim jacket had a stretch in the fabric whilst the Jacque Paisley leggings had all the practicality of a normal pair of leggings. However with the paisley pattern and the slimming red trim down the side of the leg they worked better for us older women who may not want leggings to cling around the knees!

The prices may not be high street but if you want a garment that lasts then Jacynth Bassett has chosen carefully for The Bias Cut and the quality is evident. The styles will endure and I am sure if you invest in one of her items it will become a wardrobe favourite.