Fashion for the 50+ Woman: what’s new and stylish for 2022

In this article, we’re looking at fashion for the 50+ woman. Whether you prefer classic neutrals or are a firm fan of uplifting colours, looking stylish in 2022 needn’t be too tricky. It’s a great time to audit your wardrobe and find replacements for anything you rely on that’s perhaps looking a little faded or tired.

We all know which items in our wardrobes we keep pulling off the hangers – they are the ones which give us confidence when we put them on. Usually just 20% of our entire wardrobes are actually worn. Which is why we could learn a lesson or two from those fabulously stylish French women who have long been renowned for their capsule wardrobes which they change each season. A few, carefully selected, quality pieces that can be interchanged to make more outfits than the sum of their parts. Something to remember when we are treating ourselves to something new and interesting for our 2022 wardrobes…

If you’d like more info on any of the wonderful clothes featured below, just click on the white link at the bottom of each photo to go through to the relevant website.

Unlike the past when we all stuck to trends whether they suited us or not – ie mini skirts – today fashion for the 50+ woman is quite simply what suits each of us best. According to the glossies, the Spring/Summer 2022 trends include mini skirts, very high or low slung trousers (depending on which magazine you read – but, let’s face it, neither are particularly suitable), sheer fabrics and other style suggestions that are pretty useless to the 50+ woman.

Better news is that bold vibrant single colours are “in” with green forecast to be the most popular colour, followed by orange, pink and yellow.

Low key luxury – minimalistic design in muted colours. All the above from COS

Ankle boots – if you fancy a contemporary edge, this is how to achieve it! A practical seasonal replacement for our much loved trainers in this current winter weather. BTW, Pavers has a useful style guide you might find useful.

Branded handbags are back, so go find your old ones at the back of your wardrobe! Or, as it’s Valentine’s Day soon, drop a hint to your partner about one of these!

Co-ords Such an easy way to look stylish. Comfortable too.

Last, but definitely not least, a few pieces that I spotted and thought worth consideration…

Hope you have found this selection useful… happy browsing!