Style consultant, Maggie McMillan, fashion tips for older women

For the second part of our series with the style consultant, Maggie McMillan, we are thrilled that Maggie has shared her top fashion tips for older women. Annabel: “I have printed these tips off and have taped them to my wardrobe to keep reminding myself.”

Maggie McMillan, style consultant from post: Fashion tips for older women

Also watch the video at the bottom of this post, when Annabel and Maggie chat about dressing when you are over 50.


  • Review your current lifestyle and be realistic, ensuring that your wardrobe contains clothes for the life you actually lead now, not the life you used to lead.
  • Our “ best bits” change constantly throughout our lives and outfits which are most flattering are those which highlight our best bits so attention is drawn away from the others!  We need to review regularly!
  • Try not to be too rigid and use accessories whenever you can eg not liking your arms doesn’t mean you never wear sleeveless but when you do, perhaps wear a great piece of jewellery which focuses attention elsewhere.
  • Fit is everything.  Never buy items “to slim into “ or too big in case you “put that weight back on”.  Also a great alterations hand is a godsend.
  • Invest  good underwear, especially bras, and try to be remeasured every year. Adjust bra straps after each wash and tighten back fastening as bra stretches. NB Support garments – choose size carefully to avoid “pricked sausage” effect.
  • Experiment with colour.The most relevant colours are those you wear on your top half . If you are not sure if a colour works buy a cheap pashmina and see how you feel and how others react to you in that colour.
  • If you can afford to, buy more than one of perfectly fitting staples.
  • Keep  a Style File for inspiration (and to jog the memory!) in your phone of items you see which you love , in real life and in magazines.

Maggie’s details are as follows: Her website is , Instagram ~ and email address ~ So if you have any style queries or want to join the MM Style Club then do get in touch with Maggie. She is very approachable.

Maggie McMillan, style consultant from post: Fashion tips for older women

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