Grace’s super fast make-up routine for women over 50

I say over 50, but this fast make-up routine for women over 50 will work just as well for any age. It takes less than five minutes to apply, but I find that I feel more confident the entire day as a result.

As I’ve got more and more ancient, I need to add some colour to my face, define my eyes and even out my complexion. This make up routine does just that and it’s now part of my life, much like having a shower and cleaning my gnashers. Unfortunately there is absolutely nothing I can do about my wrinkles, apart from learn to love them (not sure that’s ever going to happen!) but hey ho! I’ve listed the products I use underneath this quick video:

Most of the products I use are from Boots and they have a 3 for 2 on selection No.7 products – cheapest free – at the time of writing.

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