Tastebud Pleasers: Grace’s Favourite Recipes of 2022

I like cooking – so long as it’s simple. Unlike Annabel, I rarely make an edible cake and so the chances of me applying for the next Bake Off are less than zero. However, here are two sweet treat recipes that even I managed to make successfully! My requirements for a recipe are like that of most busy women – it has to be quick, super delish, have inexpensive ingredients, the odd time saving cheat and, of course, taste amazing. So here are my foolproof favourite recipes of 2022 that have given my family, friends and I a lot of lip smacking moments, so I’m positive you’ll be equally delighted that you have them in your repertoire…

ROASTED CHICKEN ORZOTTO MILANESE-STYLE Buttery orzo (a pasta I’d never used before but now always keep a packet in my storecupboard) is the perfect base for a succulent roast chicken. The word moreish was probably invented for this brilliantly simple recipe by Jane Lovett. RECIPE

ROAST CHICKEN WITH COMTÉ MUSHROOM SAUCE No idea why mushrooms and chicken work so brilliantly together but they do. Add Comté cheese and it’s an irresistible combo. RECIPE

PRAWN LAKSA If you like Asian flavours, try this sensational soup. It’s the recipe I turn to when I haven’t had time to go shopping because I always have prawns in my freezer and the rest of the ingredients are usually in the kitchen cupboard. RECIPE

CREAMY LEMON AND CHIVE POLLOCK WITH PEAS Annabel made this for me after one of our regular get togethers and OMG it was such a comforting, tasty dish. You can of course use any white fish. RECIPE

KOREAN PORK AND RED PEPPER CASSEROLE Hearty yet healthy. So tender once cooked – don’t forget the spring onions as they really add something to this dish. RECIPE

PAPRIKA PORK Lightly spiced or hot – you choose. A great way to transform inexpensive pork into something really yummy. RECIPE

FRENCH BEANS AND MANGETOUT A fabulous combination of green vegetables with a toasted hazelnut and a zesty fresh orange dressing. RECIPE

COURGETTE TIAN You can pre-prep this get ahead dish. It’s a lovely way to serve this versatile vegetable, whether as a main or side. RECIPE

GRIDDLED STEAK SALAD Most of us love a piece of succulent steak now and again and the feisty anchovy and caper dressing complements the meat perfectly. Even in the depths of winter, this salad will warm your cockles! RECIPE

BAKED RED CHICKEN CURRY AND COCONUT DHAL I recently rediscovered dhal and OMG it is such a winner – packed with flavour, low cal and filling too. Great on it’s own and even better with the addition of crispy chicken thighs. This is another one pot dish that everyone will love. RECIPE

PLUM, APPLE & ALMOND GALETTE Annabel made this for a supper party and it was memorable. I can still taste the fruitiness complemented by that golden pastry. A really good recipe because you can use practically any seasonal fruit for the filling. RECIPE

THE BEST TREACLE TART I’VE EVER EATEN No stick-to-your-teeth filling in this recipe. It is light, fragranced with citrus and has melt in the mouth crumbly short pastry. RECIPE

Did you know that, in addition to my favourite recipes of 2022, we also a further 1000+ recipes on this website? Almost all of them have been tried and tasted by Annabel, myself or one of our like-minded friends. And, of course, they are all lip-smackingly good!

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10 days ago

Grace – many thanks for all the recipes, every one I have tried is simple and tasty. Really cannot thank you enough for all the hard work you do to test and alter the recipes.

Annabel & Grace
10 days ago
Reply to  Sarah

How lovely of you to say Sarah. Thank you so much. Best wishes, Grace