Book review: Fifty Fifty by Steve Cavanagh no. 1 best selling crime thriller

If you enjoy reading Crime Thrillers, you will love Fifty Fifty by Steve Cavanagh. This book is already No 1 in the Crime Thriller lists. It is recommended highly in many newspapers, so here is my personal book review.

Book review: Fifty Fifty by Steve Cavanagh no. 1 best selling crime thriller

Eddie Flynn is a New York lawyer who goes against the norm in that he wants the innocent to go free and the guilty to be punished. He is a maverick in that he is a loner and does not work for a prominent Law Firm. He is a troubled soul with a complicated past and has rubbed both the police and the Judiciary up the wrong way.

The book revolves around a strange murder case. Two sisters, Sofia and Alexandra, are accused of murdering their Father and ex-Sheriff. They both ring 911 and say the other killed him. It is up to the lawyers to defend their clients, but only one is innocent.

The lawyer defending Alexandra is Kate Brooks. She also is working on her own, having left a large law firm with an ethos she couldn’t adhere too.

The scene is set for a courtroom drama full of twists and turns. Both lawyers believe their clients are innocent or else they would not have been able to defend them.

The pace of the story is both fast and dramatic. You too believe you are on a roller coaster swinging from one defendant to the other in the belief of their innocence.

The story also follows characters and episodes outside the courtroom, and you begin to understand maybe the reason for their Father’s murder.

I have never read any of Steve Cavanagh’s crime stories, but I have now discovered that Eddie Flynn is a character in a number of his books. So I will now definitely read some more.

It is a wonderful novel to lose yourself in. A great distraction in these difficult times of lockdown. It certainly is a page-turner!


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