Accessories for your log fire

We, at CountryWives, love a log fire in the winter – there is nothing more comforting and it sits well with the current on-trend Hygge feeling. Between the three of us we have found a few handy tips for making the most of your fires with these fire accessories.

I love my Bouffadou Pipe, and no I am not smoking ‘waccy baccy’ with it. This is a blow pipe that I use to get my open wood fire going and using only my lungs. It is impressively successful and causes quite a laugh with any friends when I produce it. If you have enough puff you will get any fire going so long as it has a couple of sparks and the two prongs on either side help to move the logs if necessary.

The other fire product I love is my log carrying bag which is necessary as my logs are in the garage, stacked neatly, and keeping dry. However my family need to be encouraged to bring the logs in and this bag just about does that, as it keeps the person doing the carrying clean. The bag itself is made out of one piece of fabric with leather handles and is extremely sturdy and as my husband says, “it will see me out”!

Finally I am always nervous of sparks so I recently discovered this fire mat which is made with a permanent fireproof fabric. Whilst it may not be beautiful to look at it will save your carpet or wooden floors. When not in use it rolls up and fastens so you can pop it away but use it when the fire is unattended. It repels dirt, is easy to clean and lastly, in case of a real emergency, it can be used to suffocate a fire.

So time to light my fire and sit down with a cup of tea and enjoy the flickering flames.

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