FocusZen+: Clinically Proven Chill Pill

There are, of course, superwomen who can juggle home life, finances, work and looking the best they can be – while staying calm, cool and collected. Not me I hasten to add! Or, in fact, several of my friends/acquaintances who look, quite frankly, rather frazzled a fair amount of the time. Not surprising really as so many women lead very very busy lives. So. Hands up. Who would be interested in a clinically proven chill-pill that works within an hour? If that’s you, then please read on and I’ll tell you about FocusZen+…

Focus Zen+: Clinically Proven Chill Pill

It’s not just high pressure lifestyles that can cause stress. According to a 2018 survey by Forth, stress is now widespread in Britain. 1 in 3 Brits are now stressed for a full day every week and 85% are “experiencing stress regularly”. The most common causes?  Money worries, work, health, lack of sleep and household chores. Stress can have a huge impact on physical and mental wellbeing, resulting in headaches, constant worry, and difficulty concentrating or making decisions.

Focus Zen+: Clinically Proven Chill Pill

Focus Zen+: Clinically Proven Chill PillFocusZen+ is a unique new supplement designed to reduce stress levels within an hour, with measurable results for a further three hours. It has been formulated especially for people who are under stress and want to find a natural way to bring down their anxiety levels so that they can focus and concentrate on what they need to do. Each capsule contains 300mg of high-quality, natural lemon balm leaf extract with pantothenic acid to contribute to mental performance and good cognitive function. It has a short term effect.

Focus Zen+: Clinically Proven Chill PillSo, what’s special about lemon balm? Well, it’s a herb with a pleasant aroma and flavour that has traditionally been used to stimulate the mind and relax the spirit. Research shows that it can increase neuronal activity which boosts alertness and concentration, improves learning and memory, decreases anxiety and promotes a feeling of calm. Read more here

As you know, we don’t recommend anything on CountryWives without having tested it out ourselves. So I asked Annabel and Marvellous Mother In Law to try FocusZen+ with me. The dosage is 1 – 4 capsules in any 24 hour period, but we all took two a day. Here’s what we thought:

Marvellous Mother In Law

Every year I swear I won’t get caught up in the Christmas mania but, of course, I get swept along with it. There always seems much to do. Presents to get, cards to write, mince pies to make for the masses – I panic just thinking about it all. However, thanks to Grace, I now have Santa’s little helper!

When she asked me to try a supplement that would help my my mental performance I was, at first, sceptical. But, very quickly, since I started taking FocusZen+ a week ago, I feel my mind is clearer with more focus. I have also noticed improved energy levels which I certainly need at the moment. I really feel good on these pills and much more in control generally. I am sleeping better too, but whether that’s due to FocusZen+ or just being exhausted every evening, I’m not too sure!


I am always keen to improve my health, so when Grace told me that we had been asked to trial another FutureYou product that had been proven to deliver more of the good stuff to my body I was very happy. I have now been taking one FocusZen+ pill twice a day for 14 days to see if it will improve my mental performance and reduce feelings of fatigue. December is a very busy month at The CountryWives. We like to publish bumper issues with lots of extra articles at this time of year, so that our readers have lots to read over Christmas. That means that Grace and I have a lot to remember and a huge workload. I have just turned 60, an age when previous generations would consider the appropriate time to retire. I however am enjoying a very full life both of work and pleasure. For the last couple of weeks I have noticed that I am full of energy, coping with the increased workload, sleeping well and still managing to party! I am sure it is because of the FocusZen+ and so I am going to continue taking these marvellous capsules.


When I heard about this ‘chill pill’ I was immediately interested. I often overthink things and am well known for worrying about the smallest detail. December is a particularly stressful month as both work and home life are extremely busy. I took one capsule with my morning cup of tea and, because you must leave at least four hours between capsules, a second around tea time. One particularly tricky day, I took three capsules. They seemed to calm me down without making me feel sleepy. You can still have alcohol with them – a bonus as I rather enjoy my glass of red each evening. OK, my two glasses of red. I like the fact that FocusZen+ capsules are suitable for veggies and vegans, and are gluten, lactose and GM-free. Best of all, my sleep quality has improved – even though Husband continues to snore throughout the night!

PS. Have you read my article about Turmeric, the so-called wonder drug?

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4 years ago

As I’m currently in Australia with My mother both while she was in hospital and now settling her in at home, you can imagine how stressed I feel! I’m coming home next week, fortunately I has got most of Christmas sorted and we are being entertained for several days but I know anything which will help,me feel a bit brighter and help me recover from all this will be very welcome.
I’ll let you know my views after trying the remedy.

Annabel & Grace
4 years ago
Reply to  June

Hi June. Best wishes for your mother’s full recovery, a good flight home for you and that you find the Focus Zen+ as effective as we have. OH… and, of course, Happy Christmas! Best wishes, Grace