The Food Bible: the ultimate reference Book for Food & Health

Are you interested in what you are putting into yours and your family’s bodies? I think we are all aware that what we feed ourselves is integral to our health. This book, The Food Bible by Judith Wills, is one that should be out permanently in your kitchen.

This last week I have had it on my kitchen counter and everyone has picked it up to have a read. It is the latest, completely revised edition of the bestselling book, The Food Bible, containing the most up-to-date research and information from the world s top authorities on every aspect of food and diet, making it an indispensable reference book.

The Food Bible: the ultimate reference Book for Food & Health book cover
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I have four children and they are all a mix of vegetarians, vegans and meat-eaters. There is a great chapter in this book on the meat versus vegan debate. It guides you through the minefield of contradictory dietary advice with clear nutritional information. Beginning with an explanation of the basic elements that make up food proteins, fats, carbohydrates, fibre, vitamins, minerals and the new non-nutrients such as probiotics, the book explains how to combine them for balanced, healthy eating.

It then takes you through all the common ailments, cold sores to kidney stones and which foods you should avoid and those that could help prevent or alleviate them. Did you know that eating natural yoghurt will help with Halitosis as it neutralises one of the causes – hydrogen sulphide? Foods that may help to decrease your chances of dementia – basically a healthy Mediterranean diet.

There is a brilliant section with advised diets for various health situations: immune strengthening, anti-cancer, and healthy heart. None of the suggested menus are laborious. They all look tasty and inspiring.

Extract from The Food Bible: the ultimate reference Book for Food & Health

The Food Bible takes you through the stages of our life; childhood and teenage years, pregnancy, the middle years and menopause and finally the later years. Apparently old age doesn’t start until our mid-seventies and even then with a healthy diet we can continue to enjoy a full and active life and maybe even hit the big 100. This is not so unusual nowadays.

There is a chapter on food for weight control and this includes a four week retraining programme. This enables you to cut down but looks at the way you structure your day and meal plans.

Finally there are loads of tempting, healthy and nutritious recipes for every meal. There are even a few guilt-free sweet treats: apple flapjacks with no sugar and an avocado and dark chocolate mousse.

I have learned so much from this book. Having it out on my kitchen counter has stopped me when I am thinking of hitting the biscuit tin!

The Food Bible is published by Pen and Sword Books and is available from Amazon by clicking HERE.