Clever gadgets to help you cut down your fresh food waste

Food waste is reaching sky-high levels. But the scale of the issue and taking steps to tackle it are only just starting to gain traction in mainstream society.

Waste may often be unintentional but it has become more commonplace (and sometimes easier) to dispose and replace, rather than save and reuse. This behaviour is not only harmful to the environment, but it’s expensive too.

To reduce food waste – and save money – at home, we need to take responsibility. Planning ahead and being more conscious of spoilage is key. A great way to do this is by using some fantastic gadgets to help us improve our wasteful ways.

Fruit & Veg Savers

Are you fed-up with throwing produce away? NEW Nanology Fruit & Veg SAVERS are completely safe, non-toxic, organic and can be fully re-cycled. Simply place one in each of your fridge drawers, in storage containers, or in the bottom of your fruit bowl and start reducing spoiled produce, and start saving money.

Ethylene gas. The invisible enemy lurking in your Fridge and store cupboards! Most of our favourite fruits and vegetables emit ethylene gas as they ripen. Fruit and vegetables are highly sensitive to the presence of even small amounts of ethylene gas. Then, as they ripen, they too will emit ethylene gas, which then causes more ripening, and more ethylene gas, in a chain-reaction. Which is why, no sooner than one item has started to become over-ripe, other fruit and vegetables quickly go off too. Your refrigerator and food storage containers trap the ethylene gas, allowing it to build up to damaging levels. Although it is not hazardous to us, the ethylene gas leads to premature ageing and rotting of fresh produce. With rising food prices, premature ageing of fresh produce is a costly waste.

Today, the average British family throws away £500 worth of fruit and vegetables per year. And with today’s rising food prices, this is more than just a terrible waste of good food – it is costly too. Organic ethylene control For over 20 years, organic farmers and commercial producers have been using natural ethylene-control technology to extend the shelf-life of fruit and vegetables, and now, with Fruit and Veg SAVERS that same technology is available in the home, doubling or tripling the storage life of your fresh produce.

Banana Storage Bags
  • Don’t let your bananas go to waste! This bag keeps them fresh for longer, so it cuts down on food waste and trips to the shops
  • Simply put bananas inside and leave in the fridge to prevent over-ripening. The insulated bag keeps them fresh and dry
  • Features a drawstring to make it easy to open and close, and protective cushioning to prevent bananas becoming bruised
  • This 38 x 28 cm (15″ x 11″) polyester bag holds 6-8 bananas and keeps them fresh for up to 2 weeks!

Avocado Storage

Ideal for storing leftover avocado halves and wedges, this pod from Joie is perfect for ensuring they stay as fresh as possible so you can save some for later.

Crafted from ABS plastic, it’s compact for easy and stylish storage in the fridge, and helps to avoid odours. It’s see-through so you can check for freshness at a glance. To keep the avocado fresher for longer, store it with the stone intact.

More food storage ideas from Joie.


Expand & Seal Bottle Toppers

Didn’t quite finish that wine? In my home that is rare that there is wine left at the end of a meal. However if there is then these stoppers create an airlock to keep the contents of your bottle fresh.

They also work on carbonated drinks that are in glass bottles.

Stretch Silicone airtight lids
  • 8 silicone lids in different sizes replace too large or too small lids and even cling film or aluminium foil. These can also nest for convenient storage or storage.
  • Stretchy and flexible: our silicone lids fit any vessel, whether round or square. You will never have a trouble with unsuitable tops. Promised!
  • Easy to clean: whether by hand or in the dishwasher; our lids are in seconds ready to use again.
  • Versatile and durable: keep your food easy to much longer as they are airtight. Not only the partly sliced fruit stays fresh for as long as possible. With every use, you avoid waste and protect the environment.
Fresh Herb Keeper
  • Fresh herbs last up to 10 days longer
  • Clear upper and lid to see the fresh herbs, fits easily in most refrigerator doors
  • Air vents in the lid help the herbs to breathe
  • Includes three removable dividers to store different quantity and varieties of herb

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