Freddie’s Flowers’ home delivery service & tips for cut flowers

I love fresh flowers but wow they can be expensive. I used to be a subscriber to Freddie’s Flowers weekly delivery service and then I discontinued it as I had problems with their delivery service. BUT… they have sorted out the glitches in the system and I am back subscribing and extremely happy with the service.

Freddie Garland of Freddie's Flowers (flower home delivery service) from post review

Freddie was born into a family of florists and with the surname ‘Garland’ he was destined to work with flowers. His parents owned a flower shop in Pimlico London. Thanks to their help, he bought a milk float, some cardboard boxes, a tent and lots of flowers… Freddie’s humble beginning is the stuff of dreams. But Freddie had a vision only natural-born entrepreneurs have and that was to expand the business, someday even becoming the “Abel & Co” (the fruit & veg home delivery company) of flowers and that’s just what Freddie’s Flowers has become.

Very early every Tuesday morning (in my area though delivery days vary dependant on where you live), a box arrives with a fresh bunch of flowers. Each week Freddie chooses the best flowers of the season and puts together a beautiful bunch for you to arrange at home. This way they’re all cut to order, with no middleman, so you get more flowers and they’re all super fresh. The box also includes a description of the flowers and a suggestion for the shape of vase to use and a step‑by‑step guide for arranging them. For someone like me who is not a natural ‘Constance Spry’ this is so valuable. There is also a video online showing Freddie arranging ‘This Week’s Delivery’. Here is this week’s…….

The even better news is that the flowers last for over on week and some even last two weeks, so I have two vases of flowers going at all times. Each week costs £25 with free delivery. During lockdown it was such a joy to receive the weekly box and it was a gift from my husband to me to keep me cheerful and smiling!

Annabel with a delivery from Freddie's Flowers
This week’s delivery

The basic idea is so easy, you subscribe through their website  and set up your on-line account. You choose by ticking the relevant dates that you’d like flowers delivered to you whether that’s weekly, fortnightly or monthly or even just 2-3 times a year, you can even send flowers to other people as a gift. You have total control over your account, that’s the beauty of using Freddie’s Flowers.

And when you receive your first flowers you also get a booklet with some of Freddie’s flower arranging tips:

Freddie’s Top Tips for Flower Arranging

  • Keep vases of flowers away from fruit bowl.
  • Give stems room to breath in the vase.
  • Remove all foliage below water level.
  • Clean vases well before use.
  • Use room temperature water – hot or cold water uses flowers’ energy.
  • Keep vases away from draughts.
  • Change water every 3 days and if possible use a food sachet supplement (Freddie supplies 2 with each delivery).
  • Cut stems with sharp secateurs at a steep angle.
  • Don’t let dogs drink old flower water.
  • Choose right shape and style vase so flowers unfurl.

Freddie’s Flowers is such a great service and with the delivery schedule on your online account page, you can get deliveries as rarely or as frequently as you like. It’s totally flexible so why not try them out. I look forward to my Tuesday delivery and love opening the box to find out what I have been sent this week. The flowers are so fresh that each day as they open the arrangement looks different and in these strange times flowers can bring so much joy and beauty to a home.

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