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We’re on a mission to encourage our readers to think outside the style box you may have put yourselves in. To be honest most of us get stuck in a familiar and comfortable rut at some point in our lives. We fail to even try new trends, let alone embrace them. I am not saying we should all run around looking like our daughters, but you can freshen up your look. Our new Prime Minister, Theresa May, woke us all up when she wore leather trousers for an interview. She is used to being the focus of attention and the topic of dinner party conversations however those trousers went viral. Maybe it was the price as they were nearly £1000 but if she has it why can’t she spend it. Personally I think it was the fabric, leather, that got middle England, middle-aged women choking on their cappuccinos. In her defence I say she has the legs, and I love the fact that with all the pressures of her workload she gets pleasure out of nice clothes.

freshen up your lookSo, why not have a go at dressing outside your comfort zone. I am not suggesting you rush out and buy leather trousers. But let’s take our blinkers off and try new things. You probably know we are great fans of Me+Em. We will continue to promote their collections as, whilst you may think this brand is all for the younger working woman about town, we believe that there are lots of pieces that suit us (slightly) older women. Last season I fell in lust with their navy leather jacket but when I tried it on it was all wrong for me. However they then launched their Am to Pm cropped leather jacket in Bordeaux and it worked. I wear it with one of their feminine blouses underneath with a frill or a pussy bow and it softens the look of leather. I love the fact that this is not a bulky jacket as it is such soft Nappa leather and the crop is just at the right point ie below where my waist used to be. The zips at the cuff allow for the new on-trend flared blouse sleeves.

Everything Me+Em sell appears to be a classic with a twist and their attention to detail is outstanding. The pussy bow blouse has a row of buttons on one shoulder that is so feminine and delicate that it is a shame to have it hidden under a jacket. But ladies, summer is around the corner so buy it now and wear it under a jacket or cardigan and then, in the summer, you can expose the rest of the details.

freshen up your lookAnother design feature I like which really suits our older body shapes is that many of their shirts are boxy shaped and hang elegantly outside the waistband of a trouser. An example of this is the Swing Tie Neck silk shirt with its deep hem that draws one’s eye to the bottom of the shirt without exposing a lack of waist. Look at that gorgeous cuff detail with the high-placed silk covered buttons and then the open cuff that mirrors the swing shape of the body. This needs to be worn with the plainest of trousers as it is a stand-alone fashion statement, elegant but singing with youthfulness.

freshen up your lookI have was lured out of my favoured side-stripe trousers, which add about 4 inches to my otherwise short legs, and tried on their skirts and dresses. The everyday skirt is just what it says it is. You can wear it with thick tights and flat shoes or dressed up with heels. If you feel you haven’t got Theresa May’s skinny, long legs then skirts are a great alternative and this one is a winner. It has a very flattering shape in a fabric that is soft with a slight stretch. I love any clothes that have stretch, as we do fluctuate a little with our size when we are older and this can accommodate the odd transient bulge, particularly if paired with the Stripe cuff Milano Knit which hangs longer at the back. They think of everything at Me+Em.


freshen up your lookThere were quite a few pieces from this new collection that I would have very much liked in my wardrobe, but you can’t have everything as they say. But I couldn’t resist this Silk Shirt – from the moment I put it on I loved it. It was so soft on my skin, I liked the fine check print and thought the invisible zips at the back of the long cuffs were inspired.

If you have a couple of minutes spare, have a look at my vlog (below), made with my new fashion assistant, Kobi, which endorses my written words. My final tip is to say, ‘Go on ladies, give your Spring wardrobe a bit of a lift by trying something different. I can promise you that if it comes from Me+Em you will not be disappointed. This is a quality brand that is value for money with design details by the bucket load.’

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5 years ago

You have converted me to ME and EM since last season. I agree that we mature ladies can wear quite a few of their pieces and it is wonderful to feel that we are giving our style a bit of a lift
I have already bought a few things this season and will have a look at your suggestions although I am more of an hourglass shape but their styling is very versatile
I must also say that speaking to their customer service they have been excellent at helping me with delivery issues which were mine and not theirs They are also good for style advice…. just like you ladies
Thanks how I look forward to my Saturday read