Making Music For Life by Gayla Mills: Book review

When the press release for this book, Making Music For Life by Gayla Mills, landed in my inbox I had to follow it up.

I have always regretted never having learned to play an instrument. Yet I love music, pop, rock, classical and jazz. Yes, I love it all. I suppose my parents never encouraged me to learn and as I was not a natural musician then they didn’t push me. There were other things to learn as a child that I was passionate about e.g. horse riding, skiing, ballet.

Now that I am 60 years old I would love to learn and I am sure there are many others like me who feel the same way. However is it too old to start?

Gayla Mills, the author of Making Music for Life, would tell you that it is never too late. In her book she shows you how to take the next step.

You may be a bit more advanced than I and already know a little but want to improve so this book is also perfect for you.

She explains why listening to live performances is crucial. And if you want to really get professional then she advises how to get paying gigs, what’s involved in the recording process, and much more.

Making Music For Life by Gayla Mills: Book review

Gayla M. Mills is a hobbyist bass player and harmony singer, former college instructor, and writer with scores of published essays and features. Returning to music to help her husband record his songs, Gayla discovered a new life in a rich musical circle. Together the duo have performed over two hundred gigs, and two of their albums reached the top ten folk charts and international listeners. 

“Making Music For Life is the adult novice’s friend. First, it cheerleads for music’s salutary benefits to the music-maker’s soul. Then it becomes a useful how-to handbook: finding a teacher and learning how to practice once you have one. How do you hook up with like-minded enthusiasts and what are all the ways you can learn to make music together? How about performing for others? And maybe you will end up teaching others yourself. This useful book is a doorway into the endless joys of making music, for everyone at any age.”

~Bernard Holland, music critic emeritus, New York Times, and author of Something I Heard

I think this book would make a good gift for anyone who is thinking of taking up a musical instrument. For that matter for anyone who needs to dust off their saxophone or any other instrument that is lying languishing, desperately needing to be played.

Most importantly, you’ll discover inspiring new ways that music can help you live and age well. This book may be my catalyst so why not start by at least reading the book.

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