A great gift for Grandparents that will bring them joy all year round

This is an absolutely brilliant idea for a gift for grandparents or any elderly relatives, and I wish it had been about when my parents were alive. The pandemic certainly highlighted how many elderly people were affected by loneliness. So if you have an elderly relative, get your family signed up for this app, Famileo, and bring joy to their lives.

What is Famileo

Famileo is a printed family newspaper posted to the grandparents monthly.

They automatically format the news that the family are sharing online into a ‘family newspaper’ that’s then printed and posted to the older generations, who aren’t online as much or at all.

Famileo is a French company with over 200k families subscribed and launched in the UK this summer. So far, they’re seeing many women between 50 and 65 subscribing to the service (for their parents).

A subscription is £5.99 a month for the whole family (whether there are 2, 12 or 20 of you) to send one paper a month to their elderly relative.

Why choose Famileo

51% of people in the UK are worried that their elderly relatives will feel lonely during the festive period. A new survey by the family app, Famileo found that 41% were a ‘bit worried’, with 12% ‘very worried’ about their elderly loved ones. 

Famileo offers a new solution that aims to enrich family interaction in the digital age.

A bestselling app in France, it’s designed to bring joy to grandparents. It works by crossing digital divides as younger family members add photos and messages on the app, which are compiled into a personalised newspaper that is printed and posted monthly to their relative – usually a grandparent.

After taking France by storm, it’s hoping to top the UK’s Christmas gift list.

Famileo has become a household name in France, with around 200,000 families using the app. Previous research of users in France shows it significantly eases communication with older relatives, offering more meaningful interactions.

Charity Age UK found that 42% of people aged over 75 did not use the internet. According to the charity, people who have not used technology in their working lives, are over the age of 80, or live alone, are more likely to be disconnected.

The new survey into the UK’s concerns about elderly relatives during this festive season was conducted by Harlow Consulting for Famileo. It found 96% of people surveyed said that it’s important the Christmas gifts they buy for elderly relatives are meaningful.

Famileo began life in care homes before becoming a major trend across France. The pragmatic solution works by respecting each generation’s communication habits–digital for the younger generation and paper for the older one. It allows families to share digital photos and messages to elderly relatives who don’t have smartphones or social media accounts.

For older people, poor eyesight or lack of dexterity is a barrier to using technology, such as smartphones, iPads or social media apps.

The app was the brainchild of Tanguy de Gélis, who was inspired by his own grandma after he bought her an iPad one Christmas so she could join in the family WhatsApp group.

Tanguy said: “One day, when I went to visit her, I noticed the iPad on her table gathering dust. She told me it wasn’t easy for her to use and that she missed the family postcards and letters she used to get. So that got me thinking about an app with a digital interface for young people and a newspaper for the elderly.”

It was launched in France in 2015 by Tanguy and his co-founder, Armel de Lesquen.

Each newspaper, or gazette, includes as many as 30 messages and can be delivered around the world. The idea is to help families stay in touch, no matter where they are or how busy their lifestyle is.

Tanguy said: “It offers an easy way for grandchildren to write to their grandparents, which helps build connection and reduce feelings of loneliness. It’s an app that brings joy to grandparents.”

To have a look at an example of a newspaper – click HERE.