Is it really only two weeks until Christmas? Some gift ideas to help

Time is flying by, and if you want guaranteed delivery, then you probably need to get sorted during this next week. So if you have not chosen all of your Christmas presents yet, here are some gift ideas.


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Hokan is a British-based company passionate about making our busy lives simpler and healthier in the kitchen. 

Hokan Bowls were designed by the filmmaker Alistair Donald. Cooking for two sons, Alistair was forced to consider the amount of food waste in the kitchen and became determined to live less wastefully and more efficiently in the kitchen. He replaced plastic storage containers and leaning towers of bowls and saucers in the fridge with his new stackable stoneware range.

Since their launch, Hokan Bowls have enjoyed an enthusiastic welcome from the press, cooks and customers alike.

Important decisions need to be taken; in the UK, an unbelievable 7 million tonnes of edible food is thrown away each year. ‘Plastic-Free’ is another critical decision for storing and preparing food. These issues have increased in prominence and become headline grabbers, with newspapers, television and celebrities deciding to highlight them. 

5 in 1 uses to add to any kitchen

Hokan bowls would make an incredible gift for anyone who, like me, often cooks more than for one meal and then has enough for lunch the following day. Apart from the fact they are not plastic, and we are all trying to rid ourselves of plastic in our homes, I love how they stack in the fridge or freezer. You can take them straight from the refrigerator to the oven or microwave. They are attractive so the food can go from oven to table. Finally, they are dishwasher safe, so they tick every box for me. If you try one, I can guarantee that you will be back for more. I am about to order some for my daughter, who has just bought her first home.

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Plush Drinks gift pack (£6.50) would make an excellent stocking filler for your festival-going young adult.Plushshots™ are perfect for adding to the mixer of your choice or simply drinking on their own, guaranteeing the party spirit at picnics, parties, festivals, regattas, summer parties or when out hiking, golfing, skiing or sailing or just having a day at the beach.

They are discrete, crush-resistant and easy to carry.

Plushshots™ were initially designed with the airline industry where the extra weight and volumes of glass and plastics cost fuel and increase the operator’s carbon footprint. In addition, our sachet Plushshots™ use far less fuel in production and distribution and need a fraction of the landfill space of glass bottles and miniatures.

Besides being heavy, bulky bottles and miniatures are also a nuisance, likely to break if dropped, and of course, they are not very discrete.

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I had to mention this offer again as U Beauty have extended the 20% discount until 20th December.

It would make a great pamper gift for a girlfriend or yourself if you have been wanting to try their products but were worried about the investment.

I cannot recommend this range of skincare enough. My full review of The Preface set is HERE.

The three products together would normally cost £208, but this set costs £150, and with the 20% discount code ~ UBHOLIDAY (available until midnight 20th December), it is £120 for the set.

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A fabulous gift for anyone you know who loves to travel. This durable cotton canvas wash bag contains a full-sized Bath & Shower Gel, Body Lotion, Hydrating Hand Cream and Eau De Parfum – all fragranced in After The Rain, which is inspired by the scent of a summer garden on Arran after a rain shower. That’s gentle wafts of Lime, Rose and Sandalwood. £60 – A&G readers can claim 20% off using code ANNABELGRACE20. Offer ends 22 December which is the last posting date before Christmas. Visit Arran website

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Any young woman who loves her exercise is going to adore something from this trendy website.

Ethically made, Push Rio curates the most desirable active fashion. Their carefully chosen designers are led by women who understand how to cut patterns which complement and support the female body.

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