When life gives you lemons, celebrate World Gin Day

Saturday, 9th June is World Gin Day – who knew? But now that I do I am thrilled as I love this drink. I have friends coming to lunch on 9th June so it will be Gin and Tonics all round.

Grace and Annabel have a Gin and Tonic

Bottle of Partridges Original Chelsea Flower GIn, glass of gin & tonic.
Partridges Chelsea Flower Gin

It just so happens that Grace and I were sent some Gin to try from Partridges, the famous Chelsea family-run grocer. Partridges Chelsea Flower Gin has been created in collaboration with Martin Murray, the highly acclaimed distiller from Rock Rose in Dunnet Bay, and is distilled on the north coast of Scotland close to the home of the Shepherd family’s great, great, great grandmother Mary Sinclair. It was launched in time for the 2018 Chelsea Flower Show.

I chose to try the original Chelsea Flower Gin which contains 19 botanicals including rose petals, marigold, verbena, cassia bark and juniper. The subtle flavour of rose is used to commemorate the historic association between flowers and nurseries and the Kings Road in Chelsea.

I love a good G&T particularly if the tonic is Fever Tree. The Chelsea Flower Gin is quite aromatic and it has a distinctive but subtle flower infused taste. I added Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic and the result was a very fresh and enjoyable taste, perfect as a summer drink.

The pretty floral bottle will look good out on display so don’t lock it away in a cupboard. You will be surprised how many people really love a good G&T nowadays.

3 bottles of Partridges Chelsea Flower Gin no. 2
Partridges Chelsea Flower Gin no.2

Grace: Son’s girlfriend came to stay and her drink of choice is a good old G&T. This reminded the rest of us that nothing refreshes quite like this tipple on a summer’s evening, plus she has introduced us to botanical tonic waters – and now we’re hooked on them. In fact, like most of the nation, we are intrigued by all the specialist artisanal gins there are these days. I’ve just tried Partridge’s Chelsea Flower Gin No.2 and it’s pretty delicious. Launched to coincide with this year’s Chelsea Flower Show, it is presented in a very attractive squat bottle. Infused with bergamot (a fragrant citrus fruit which you may well have tasted in Earl Grey tea), it is both elegant, full bodied and fresh. Cheers!

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