Annabel’s blog ~ Girlie nights in

menopause-ladies_1829914bThere are all types of nights in: cards nights, supper nights and themed nights (think Eurovision!). But some of them may seem too much like hard work, requiring you to run around, arrange food and drink and ensure that everyone else has a good time. As a busy woman, there will come a night when all you want to do is indulge your senses and pamper yourself and your friends.

Spa nights
You work hard and your body needs to be spoilt now and then. Your best friends probably feel the same, so why not have a night in that really gives your bodies a treat? For example, you could dig out the foot spa that you were bought as a Christmas present and never allow yourself time to use. Tell your girlfriends to bring theirs round too and enjoy sitting back on the sofa with your feet in comforting warm water, being massaged while you have a good old catch up.

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 19.46.03Or make it a truly indulgent evening and treat your friends to a pampering foot scrub – just buy cane sugar and mix with olive oil (no need to spend lots).  Or why not pop some avocados and oatmeal in your supermarket trolley so you and your girlfriends can make your own facemasks (don’t forget the selfies for Facebook!). Simply mash up half an avocado per person with tbsp runny honey and tbsp yoghurt and about 30g of uncooked oats – spread on your face, leave for 20 mins and then wash off with warm water.

Wine tasting
Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 12.55.05Want to indulge your palate? Then host a wine-tasting night. This does not mean popping down the supermarket for a boot load of cheap wine (!) but rather making a more select and considered choice that can be sipped and really appreciated. And remember to use elegant wine glasses or champagne flutes to keep the occasion special.

televisionDVD night
Fancy something that challenges everybody’s intellect? Then settle yourselves comfortably on the sofas and watch a foreign DVD. Then, have a in depth discussion about the film and how it made you think and feel.

You and your shadow-time
Of course, sometimes luxury is best enjoyed alone, and you can indulge your body and your senses by running yourself a deep bath,  drop in some expensive bath salts or foam, and light candles all around the bathroom. Put soothing music on the portable stereo, something classical perhaps. Lock the door, pour yourself a glass of champagne and sink into the hot water. Get yourself comfortable and pick up that paperback you have always been meaning to read, but have never had time for. And just enjoy.