How to give your complexion an instant boost

give your complexion an instant boostI think it’s marvellous that we can recommend products we’ve tried and loved to our friends and, on the CountryWives’ online magazine, other women of our age who we may not know personally but who might benefit from our hints and tips. So, in the spirit of sharing good news, here are two products that will give your complexion an instant boost:

give your complexion an instant boostFirst, Charlotte Tilbury’s Wonderglow. I have used this product for over 2 years now. Charlotte has created a miracle fix to turn around tired, dull and dehydrated skin with a light diffusing cream that cleverly steals UV light from it’s surroundings and re-emits it as skin luminosity to disguise and transform the skin.

It is a cross between an anti-age elixir and a complexion-enhancing light diffuser to give skin an instant ‘spotlight’ effect. This ‘light effect’ does not highlight wrinkles as one would expect, but cleverly makes the skin look dewy and bright.

I use it three ways:

1. Totally on it’s own for a quick fix (gently rubbing it in all over my face with my fingers)
2. Under my foundation or concealer as an alternative to ‘primer’ (again using my fingers)
3. On top of makeup – applying with a brush to my cheekbones (above any blusher), brow bone and along the bridge of my nose.

It just makes my skin look more ‘glowing’, but not ‘shiny’… giving me an instant pick-me-up. I personally don’t wear foundation, but using a good brush, lightly apply a moisturising concealer around my nose and cheeks to even-out and hide any redness.

give your complexion an instant boostNext, Studio 10 which is an iconic British brand with award-winning skin correcting, age perfecting quick-fix and problem solving products. They have a similar product which once again aims to give the older skin an instant complexion boost. Youth Lift Glow-Plexion is a multi-tasking primer that is glitter-free, long lasting and anti-ageing. This product can also be also worn several ways: alone, under foundation, over foundation, or even applied on the body.

Enriched with anti-ageing Suberlift™, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C and E. I found the texture of this to be thicker than the Charlotte Tilbury, making it easier to apply using a brush, and on top of makeup. If worn alone, then I would advise mixing it with a little moisturiser.