How BackPacking Granny stays looking super glam in her Seventies

Much to my surprise an A&G reader, having seen me on Instagram Live, asked what products I use on my face. What cosmetics do I use to try and look glam in my seventies? Well the answer is not much! 

After years as an actress having to slap on heavy stage make up, I tend to try  not to put too much on my face. I think as you get older less is definitely better than more . 

Some years ago, Annabel and Grace introduced me to Patricia Cusden. She is the very brilliant owner and, in my view, the creator of the best range of make up for the over 50s. Her company is called Look Fabulous Forever and she certainly does!    

Tricia Cusden

LFF has introduced me to some basic products which I could not do without. I have managed to find the most wonderful pre-base called Smooth Like Silk Face Prime; it is colourless and feels like satin and I put it on every day. I don’t put anything else on other than a bit of blusher, no powder, no base nothing else. I usually have a bit of a tan so the primer is quite enough for me.  After all what’s the point of matching your skin – the best match is seeing through to it! 

BPG’s ‘before’ make up pic in her Look Fabulous Forever video

If I have bags under my eyes, which is most of the time, I put a touch of Smooth Out Eye Prime below them and blend it in. I invest in my favourite Lancôme Hypnôse mascara and, when we are not in lockdown, I have my lashes dyed.

I  think the quickest way to ‘flag up your age’ is not keeping up with make up trends and fashions. An awful lot of people seem to get stuck in a time rut. They change their hairstyles but they never think of changing their make up! Honestly there is nothing more aging than an out of date make up.  So look at the magazines girls. Take a look at what the models are doing to their eyes, darken your eyebrows (which frames your face) and buy a new lipstick. 

I love lipstick and confess to having a large bag of half-used ones. I have loved the luscious red glammy Hollywood red and worn it a lot. But I’m aware that, if we want to stay trendy, we need to  move on. So I’m now looking for a new Look Fabulous Forever colour to update my look.

Back to the skin. After years of travelling I  just use soap and water to take off my make up. Not very exciting, but  cheap and it’s always worked for me. I don’t use a night cream either.  

When I’m abroad, I am very restrained. I take only two lipsticks – the first is a natural soft looking one. The second a bright orangey red called True Coral which I find looks best with a tan. My travel make up bag is completed with a water resistant mascara and some sun cream. Eye make up? I’ll probably have sunglasses on most of the time, and if you have a splash of colour on the lips that’s probably enough; then just add your mascara for the evening.

Oooooh how I long to travel again… meanwhile this is probably a good time to experiment with our eye make up since we all will be wearing protective face masks soon!

Watch the video I made with Look Fabulous Forever some time ago – the advice Tricia gave me then still stands good today:

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