Glowing Embers – joining a writing group can change your life

Is it ever too late to discover your creative self? Is it ever too late to find the pleasure of reading? ‘Glowing Embers’ is a collection of beautifully illustrated, powerful, funny and touching stories and poems by the golden oldie members of the Glowing Embers Writing Group. They reveal how writing in an atmosphere of trust and fellowship has helped them bring their writing skills to fruition.
All profits from this book go to Read Easy, a UK charity founded to help adults to learn to read. It is never too late to read – or write!

Is it ever too late to discover your creative self? The answer is an emphatic no. Creativity is ageless. So why try to find your creative self?

Firstly, creativity is fun, and when you’re having fun, you positively impact your mental health. Expressing yourself through creative activities is like a prescription for your mental health and relieves stress and anxiety.

Here are five ways creativity is good for your well-being.

  • It relieves stress. It’s like yoga for the brain.
  • It increases and renews brain function.
  • It can help prevent Dementia.
  • It improves your mood.
  • It cultivates your social life.

You know you could have written that book. Do it now. Or indulge in ‘life writing’, produce a memoir, or try journaling. You can do it. Pick up a pen or hit that keyboard, and have some fun.

All it took was a Spark, and the Embers have Glowed Ever Since.

One winter’s day, five strangers, very mature students in a Literature class, met for coffee at a garden centre. They had discovered they each loved to write creatively. Might they form a writing group? The coffee shop was bright and warm. The coffee was excellent. The conversation was tentative, each person nervously tip-toeing through their own writing history and ambitions. There was a silent pause, and then the spark was struck with the words,

“Well. At least we have one thing in common. We’re all blowing on the glowing embers.”

That was five years ago, and the Glowing Embers writers have shared fun, creative effort, and much joy and been aware of the benefits of sharing creativity. So they compiled a book to share creativity more widely, to encourage other golden oldies to discover the fun of creativity, and are hoping profits from the book will benefit adults who struggle to read.

Email to order, and he will post immediately. The Glowing Embers have sent £1,000 to Read Easy, the charity, thus far, which they mentioned on their Facebook page, and are about to make another donation shortly. I am sure this book will inspire many of you to start writing.

The Book – my review

Glowing Embers is a collection of new poems and stories from the Glowing Embers Writing Group. I was concerned when I received my copy that I would be able to give it the glowing review that I wanted to. The backstory behind this book is so inspiring, but I have never been one to enjoy short stories. I have no idea why, as I have no history of reading short story collections. Maybe it is my concern that I will only enjoy one or two and the rest will be a struggle, whereas when you enjoy a particular author and the story for their new book appeals, then you will want to buy it.

However, Glowing Embers has changed my opinion as each story and poem captivated me. Each story or poem is very different. They are honest, moving memories, written with such passion and beauty, into stories that we can all relate to or understand.

Please buy this book – it is only £4.99 as it will enrich your life. Perhaps a gift to a friend who you know could benefit from joining a Writing Group. Just reading one each night before I fell asleep left me with the belief that expressing oneself through an art form is so gratifying. I do not have a favourite story, but the book has left me glowing inside. I hope others out there will find a Writing Group and discover the joy these five writers have so obviously found. They have unleashed a gift they may or may not have known before forming their group and brought their readers joy.

(Writing groups all over the country can be accessed online)