Going On Holiday: Another Area Of Sexual Inequality!

A woman’s holiday to do list can be daunting. Quite apart from all the organisation of booking the holiday, the car hire, and the research for the best places to go whilst there, there is also the shutting up shop this end. Cancelling newspapers, dog care, making sure all bills are paid. And that is in advance of us packing and preparing ourselves before going on holiday.

Men just throw some shorts, tee-shirts and dodgy sandals in a case and they are good to go. They may wave a pair of nail clippers near their toes but that’s the best body prep we can (usually) expect from our men. Meanwhile we women tend to spend hours in our bathroom or at a beauty salon. There is a lot of exfoliating, buffing, filing and extracting that needs to go on before we are beach body ready!

In our latest podcast we give you our finest travel tips, which are:

PACK IN ADVANCE or send your suitcases to your holiday destination in advance using a company such as Send My Bag (other firms are available). This service avoids excess luggage fees and speeds up your journey.

HEAT RASH – take antihistamine every day for a week or so before you leave

STICK TO A COLOUR PALETTE of no more than three shades and you’ll find that all of your holiday wardrobe will work together.

PACK IN OUTFITS, this way you won’t end up with one side of your case that doesn’t even see the light of day. Lay everything out, even your accessories, and style up each outfit to create a capsule holiday wardrobe. If you cannot wear something with two different pieces, then don’t add it to your bag.

A KIMONO/KAFTAN is a great option for throwing over anything from a swimming costume to leggings. Aspiga do some wonderful styles. For cool evenings a merino wrap from Kettlewell is really handy.

A COTTON SHIRT should always be part of your holiday wardrobe.

NEOPRENE SANDALS from FitFlop are great for pebbly beaches

NEVER LEAVE HOME WITHOUT A SCARF – if a long-haul flight then make it a cashmere one as the air conditioning can be quite chilly. A large silk square will double up as a sarong around the pool or beach.

THE BRIGHTER COLOUR YOUR SUITCASE, the quicker you’ll find it on the airport carousel. Or use a stand out luggage tag

YOUR CABIN BAG SHOULD BE A BACK UP in case your luggage is lost or if you are delayed and have to stay overnight in an hotel. So pack lingerie, swimsuit, sunglasses and flip flops so you are beach ready as you land and can cope until your bag arrives.

‘NO VPL’ KNICKERS – a must! M&S have a good range

A HATand if not a foldable one then, when you pack it, fill it with socks, knickers etc to keep its shape. If it is too expensive to damage then buy one when you are there and leave it for the next guest at your hotel or villa.

DON’T GO OVERBOARD WITH MAKE UP. You don’t use so much on holiday.

MINI TRAVEL BOTTLES – from Muji or Boots – are a must to decant small amounts of your favourite beauty products into.

TAKE A GOOD INSECT REPELLENT We like Mrs Whites as it has such a lovely fragrance. Wristbands are also effective.

DON’T TAKE HEAVY BOOKS. Download books and podcasts to listen to on your mobile.

MULTI TRAVEL PLUG ADAPTER will keep all your devices charged up. BUY

TAKE YOUR OWN PILLOW – especially good for staycations.

FINALLY, CULL EVERYTHING YOU’VE LAID OUT BY HALF as you will not use it even if you think you will.

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If you are like BackPacking Granny, an intrepid traveller, you’ll be glad you read her invaluable travel tips.