There goes another one! A Good Man Can Be Hard To Find

Well, there goes another one! Michael Sheen dating a woman young enough to be his daughter. I wonder what his own daughter actually thinks about it? And she’s pregnant! Their poor child – he’ll be a pensioner when it starts school!!!

Michael Sheen and Anna Lundberg

He joins a very very long list of middle aged men – Paul Hollywood, Jude Law, Rowan Atkinson, Ronan Keating and not forgetting our new Prime Minister, Boris Johnson.

All leaving long-suffering wives and lengthy marriages. I believe it’s an ego thing. It doesn’t seem to happen as much with women and their younger men (Joan Collins may be the exception).

It happened to me so maybe this is why I am more acutely aware of it. I am still single – mostly happily so. However, this year I went to see a dating ‘guru’ to find out where I am going wrong! Like a lot of women I know, I lamented that all the good men are married or looking for a much younger woman. The guru pronounced that they do it primarily to prove to themselves that they can – that they still have “it” ie they can still pull.

I remember some time ago being in Thailand and seeing these gorgeous young girls with these quite revolting older men and even then wondering which I felt more sorry for. The men for believing these women actually cared about them (and not their wallets) or the women who had to sleep with these fat bald sleazy men in order to get money to support their families.

I know that is not necessarily the case with these “celebrities”, but do you
think that if it was Joe Bloggs the chippy from up the street (no offence intended) aged 60 that he would be able to pull a 35 year old? It certainly seems that money, status, power or celebrity are the allure for some young women – or maybe they just want a sugar daddy.

I certainly know that when my ex-husband’s new wife gets to be my age he will be well into his seventies and I certainly would not like to date anyone that age. May be by then she’ll want someone younger?

Ironically the dating guru really didn’t come up with a great deal of advice – despite his hefty fee! He told me things I already know. That I am good at social chitchat and small talk, I am genuinely interested in people and I am able to maintain eye contact. I suppose I was surprised that most of his clients are unable to do any of those!

His main suggestion was that instead of on-line dating, I attend more events, galleries, talks and lectures in order to meet someone. Easier said than done! He gave me two dates for such events. One was clearly aimed at those under 40 and one was on my son’s birthday, so both were a no no.

Friends ask why I don’t date younger men but I want to have things in common. Remember the same TV and music and have the same life values and goals. To watch the same documentaries, go to the same concerts and have similar circles of friends.

I am not as desperate as I once was – believing that until I had another partner I wouldn’t be happy. I am happy. I have a fabulous life but I would like someone special to share it with. Ho hum – needle and haystack spring to mind…

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3 years ago

I was widowed 4 years ago and my friend 9 years ago,(we are both 59) and we had this conversation on the beach last week. We were eyeing up the men (our age), that we would fancy. Unfortunately they all had a much younger (35ish) lady frolicking with them in the sea.
We decided that maybe we should be looking at 80 year olds! I don’t think so!! Looks like we’ll be staying happy singletons