Grace has a few good-to-know recommendations for you

Good for the soul… BBC Sounds

Thanks to A&G reader, Catherine Sims, for recommending Soul Music. It’s a series about over 150 pieces of music that have a powerful emotional impact. Love songs that celebrate growing older, hopeful songs, inspiring songs and remember to find out the surprising history behind the track Feeling Good, made famous by Nina Simone. All kinds of music, so definitely something for everyone to enjoy during lockdown. MORE INFO


Whistlefish is a company based in Cornwall that’s been recommended by A&G reader, Jan. All their products are sustainable. Definitely worth a browse for stunning cards, artwork and gifts – all at exceptionally reasonable prices.

Now that we’re all back wearing jumpers…

I currently have eight jumpers in my linen basket begging to be washed. Over the warm summer months I had forgotten how much effort washing them can be. I can’t afford to dry clean them, so I handwash and then rinse/spin them in my washing machine. But I simply don’t have enough flat surfaces to lay them out on towels to dry. Marvellous-Mother-In-Law has suggested this airer – she has one and says it is sturdy and capacious enough to hold lots of washing. MORE INFO

Luscious lashes

Am I the only one who finds buying a new mascara an almost impossible task? Every single one seems to offer upcurled luscious lashes that are longer and fuller than your own. But which one to actually invest in?

Well I’ve plumped (LOL) for L’Oreal’s Air Volume Mega Mascara. It has a new whipped texture that gives you “inflated lashes as the formula expands on lashes for up to 10x more impact. The big soft brush coats every lash with the air-injected technology, locking in up to 24h of smudge & flake resistant volume. Lashes are left feeling supple and light as air. Hypoallergenic and the texture does not clump.”

The brush isn’t too fat or thin, the mascara thickens and lengthens as promised and it wasn’t too expensive at £10.99. Or visit the Fragrance Direct website where you can nab one for £8.99.

This one’s electric!

Good tradesmen are not always easy to find. Even if you ask your friends for recommendations, they don’t always pan out. Like today, I asked my friend Amanda if she knew a good electrician and she did, but he was based miles away from where I live. Then someone told me about the NICEIC website. You just click on Householder and then type in your postcode into the Find A Contractor box and up pops a list of registered contractors who have been assessed to the highest standards. Good one to bookmark.

Something for the grandchildren…

Backpacking Granny’s post last week about missing her grandchildren hit a chord with lots of A&G readers and so we thought you might like to know about Mimosa Baby, a website that offers a collection of hand-made clothing and accessories for women, children and babies, using beautiful Liberty Tana Lawn. As current lead time is 2 – 3 weeks, best to have a look now in time for Christmas.

Free brain exercise

Am hooked on this mobile phone app. Keeps my tired old brain ticking over. Ads can be a bit annoying but hey it’s free and if you click the X when it pops up, you’re back in the game. Play friends or Zoe the Computer. Great fun if you like word games.

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