Grace likes the peace and quiet

Without romanticising too much, I have to say that my heart is well and truly in the countryside now. I always thought myself a townie, loving the shops culture and general buzz. I used to think that I would miss out on all the important stuff if I didn’t live in London. Now I think the opposite. It started when I got pregnant – although I didn’t know it then. Any of you who have children will know what I mean when I say that you suddenly realise it is the simple stuff that is most fun. Of course, I had plenty of wild days (and nights) some of which I may choose not to remember, some of which I do. Perhaps that’s why going down a slide with my Son in the park, watching him puffed up with pride as he rode his bicycle without stabilisers for the first time, making sandcastles, prancing about on trampolines etc etc etc was all such good, clean, simple fun. You know, being allowed to go back to one’s childhood without looking a prat. Anyhow, it is still the simple things that turn me on. Have just been out in our fields with my dogs, the sky is cloudless and perfectly blue, it is peaceful, quiet, no litter, no ambulance sirens, no hustle, no bustle, just warm and green and free.