My Grandmother’s recipe for marmalade

I have been making this marmalade for as long as I can remember and my friends say breakfast is not the same without a jar of Zeynep’s marmalade. I recently gave a jar to Annabel and she and her husband raved about it. So this is the recipe given to me by my grandmother.

My Grandmother’s recipe for marmalade

Ingredients:Zeynep's marmalade / What's Cooking / Annabel and Grace
3 oranges
1 grapefruit
1 lemon
2000ml water
1750g sugar

How to Prepare:
The night before peel all the fruit. Thinly cut all the zest. Chop the fruit up.

Put it all in the cooking pan and add 8 glasses of water. Leave it until the next day.

Then boil until the water evaporates and you have reduced it by ½. Add 1750g granulated sugar and continue to rolling boil. After 15 minutes you need to test whether it is ready.
I do not use a thermometer. Take a glass of chilled water and with a sterilised spoon drop a small amount into the water. If it drops as a lump to the bottom i.e. it does not mix with the water then it is ready. If it is not ready continue to boil and test every 5 minutes.

Zeynep's marmalade / What's Cooking / Annabel and Grace
Seed container

Seeds are important. In the old days we used to put them in a glass and add water and keep until the next day. Then we would put the seeds in a muslin cloth, tie it up and boil with the rest of the ingredients. Now I have a magical gadget which I found in Sweden some years ago and I guard it with my life. I leave the seeds inside this gadget for the whole night and then I boil it with the marmalade.

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