Gwynne’s Grammar

grammar-punctuation-lead-nurturingWriting this blog has made me very aware of my inadequacies in the grammar department and whilst Google often offers solutions to my apostrophe problem I can see that it is not going to cure the problem.

Recently my youngest son asked me to check over his A level English coursework for spelling and grammar mistakes – his tutor has an absolute and total aversion to misplaced apostrophes – so apart from the fact that I hardly understood the content of his work, greatly admired his use of vocabulary and his sentence construction, I was a complete waste of space over the placing of commas whether in the air on on the ground!

A cousin, who had had the same problems, sent me her well-thumbed copy of this book, Gwynne’s Grammar, which she said helped her enormously and whilst it is too late for my son’s coursework, though quite frankly he will be better off without my corrections, I can at last write my posts without glaring grammatical errors!