Hair Accessories are needed as we’re missing our hairdressers

I saw my hairdresser twice in 2020 when I would normally visit him every 6 – 8 weeks. Like many others both Grace and I freely admit that we really miss our hairdressers. A good haircut is as important as the outfit that you wear. No matter how much you spend on an outfit, it is wasted if your hair is a scraggly mess, showing root re-growth and split ends. However, with the Closed sign hanging in all Hairdresser’s shop windows we now need to embrace hair accessories

Having limped thorough the first lockdown we are now in our third lockdown and it looks likely that we won’t see the inside of a hairdressing salon until at least April. Therefore we need to prepare ourselves for fringes in our eyes, grown-out bobs and our hair turning grey all over as our root re-growth takes over.

I have written before about how to cope with the colouring issue using the Josh Wood Home Colour System but for me it is coping with the volume of hair as my once neat, well-cut style has grown to below my shoulders.


Sheree Cooper, one of our readers, wrote to us with this message:

One of my comments about having long hair is that you can do so many things with long hair as its changeable and it’s fun to work with if you’re that way inclined. If you look at hairstylists many of them have long hair. They’ve either had a bad haircut at one point in their life and decided long is for them as it’s easy simple and peaceful. However some people don’t like change and I think they’re the ones more suited to shorter hair cuts because they can stay with the style that kind of identifies who they are. I’m kind of different I change a lot every day. As they say your hair is your crowning glory so everyone is suited to wear the crown that they feel good in👍😊

She is so right though I am not sure I have the skills to put my hair up like she has done. She looks fab. Follow her on Instagram: @alshercooper


Silk Navy blue and Black Leopard Print Headband ~ £40
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Headbands are the simplest answer to my problem. The last time I wore a headband I was a schoolgirl and they were then called hairbands or Alice bands. Luckily this hair accessory has come on leaps and bounds since then. Born in the Sun is my go-to online shop for hair accessories. Many of my girlfriends are wearing one of their headbands in towelling, faux leather, raffia, velvet or corduroy. They are practical, fuss-free and can be worn every day. The velvet headbands can be worn when you want to be a little more dressed up. I took the towelling ones on holiday (a long forgotten pastime) as they were so useful when I just could not be bothered with drying my hair.



Or hair ties for in old language! No longer an old elastic band but we now have multi-coloured, various fabric choices for scrunchies. If you have a look at Anthropologie UK you will find gorgeous printed scarf scrunchies.

However if this is too much for you or your hair isn’t quite long enough then try the Anna Shimmer Hair scarf set, also from Anthropologie UK.


On Etsy there is a whole section of hair accessories made with Liberty prints. Click HERE to see the whole range. However below I have picked out some of my favourites.

From SPENCER SEWING SERVICE on ETSY – Liberty Print”Mauverina”Knot Handmade Hairband £17.50
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From THE LITTLE CLOTH SHOP – Liberty Print Hair Top Knot Headband – £12
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From BERTIE & TUPPENCE Liberty Print bobby pins/hair grips – £6.50
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I could not finish this post without mentioning Rose of the Wild Bunch as I was given one of her bandanas for Christmas by one of our children’s friends and I have hardly taken it off.

Rose of the Wild Bunch was created by Esme Lane Fox in 2020 and began as a University passion project. The designs are bold and unique and the mood is inspired by elements of the 80’s and 90’s.

The bandana is a versatile accessory. It can be fashioned as either an addition to a bag, around the neck, on the head or as a face covering. “We hope to explore other forms of clothing and accessories in the future and by March 2021 we aim to be fully sustainable in our packaging.”

If you want some more hair tips Grace wrote a post with some DIY hair tips which I am sure we all need during lockdown – click HERE to read.