Hair colour: Annabel meets the King, Josh Wood, for a consultation

As one gets older hair colour becomes an issue if you are not going to go grey naturally. Both Grace and I are members of the ‘keep highlighting’ club however it is an expensive choice. Apart from the cost it can take some time to find the right colourist that understands the look you want to achieve whilst keeping in mind your skin tone. Naturally as we age skin tone changes and so should our highlights.

We recently reviewed the Josh Wood colour range for use at home. As with any home colouring system it can make one quite nervous. So I was very happy to receive an invitation to meet the King of Colour himself, Josh Wood, at his salon in Holland Park.

I took my friend Jane Gordon who has a wonderful thick head of blonde hair. Early one Sunday morning we set off to Landsdowne Mews. Josh Wood’s salon is the most friendly and welcoming place. The staff went out of their way to relax us and make us feel comfortable. They understand that, for many women, to place their hair in the hands of a stranger can be quite alarming. We need not have worried as soon after we arrived we were being charmed by Jason who analysed both of our hair colours and then showed us the products within the Josh Wood colour scheme that we would benefit from using. My colour is 9 so there are a few products that I cannot use – or rather they do not work for my very blonde hair e.g. the root smudger. However there are many others that do.

Jane Gordon, Josh Wood & Annabel - hair colour
Jane Gordon, Josh Wood & Annabel

Before I detail these there may be some of you that are not able to go to Josh Wood’s salon, so you can email in a picture of your hair and an expert will advise you what to use. This email address is

The products that work for my colour no. 9 are as follows:

Josh Wood hair colour system for use at home

  1. Tinted dry shampoo in lighter blonde £10 – Created to restore your colour and boost flagging roots, Josh’s Tinted Dry Shampoo covers any stage of regrowth while refreshing your hair between shampoos, too. It washes out and the reason that I mention this is that it will take a few attempts for you to get the right amount applied to your roots. The first time I applied too much and too close to my hair which made my hair a bit ‘gloopy’ i.e. it was too thick and did not look natural. However I soon realised less is more and now I find this a useful product particularly towards the end of my cycle before my next colouring appointment when I have something I need to look good for.
  2. Everything Mask £15 – this is my favourite product as it is like a deep conditioner and on its own it locks in colour and gives my hair a lift. However if mixed with a Shade Shot £5 it adds a boost of colour to cool down your chosen blonde shade and reduce unwanted tones. It creates a semi-permanent gloss that refreshes your colour. It is like magic as the gloss is sensational and is perfect to use before a special day. You are advised to use it soon after you have had your hair coloured professionally as it locks in the colour.
  3. Josh Wood Shampoo & Conditioner £10 each are the perfect care pair to keep your hair in tip top condition and to make your colour last longer. I have the blonde shade which apparently works on all blondes and they have been both shade-refreshing and shine-boosting.

I have not tried Josh’s permanent colour kits but these do offer 100% grey coverage, are PPD and ammonia-free, and condition while they colour for added strength and shine. I can believe it as the other products do what they say on the tin!

I would advise that you send a picture of your hair to the Josh Wood Colour team, as using these products will mean you don’t have to go to the hair colourist as often, thereby saving money in the long term. To find out more from the Josh Wood Colour website click HERE.

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Gilly Stewart
Gilly Stewart
10 months ago

I really enjoy your A&G website, reviews, articles etc. Would you consider indexing your recipes which would make it much easier to access rather than wading through each section?

Annabel & Grace
10 months ago
Reply to  Gilly Stewart

Hi Gilly, interestingly that is top of our to do list at the moment. We are planning a separate search bar purely for recipes, using ingredients. Hopefully won’t be too long now! Best wishes, Grace