Tips on how to keep your Hair Healthy after the age of 50

During this period of lockdown and beyond I know many of us have been embracing our natural locks, letting our hair grow and discovering what our real colour is. I am no exception to this as can be seen in these two photos taken two years apart.

Covid-19, for our age group, has instilled many fears. One such fear is not returning willingly to our hairdressing salons. We have, therefore, been looking after our hair ourselves and maybe taking more notice of its condition.

It’s an undisputed fact that, as we age, our hair, once our crowning glory, becomes thinner and weaker. Keeping our hair healthy becomes yet another beauty challenge for women. Men often go bald or shave their heads which can look great on them but it is not an option for us ladies. Whilst going grey has become very fashionable it has to be agreed that grey hair does not suit everyone.

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Though we exercise and eat healthily to keep those lumps and bumps at bay and indulge ourselves in skincare regimes to stave off those ever increasing wrinkles, we do very little to combat the problem of ageing hair. Having a good head of hair can really help to make you look younger and healthier.

As we age the growth cycle of our hair changes. The rate of growth slows down as the hair follicles start to rest. We experience colour loss and hair will not appear as thick as it once was. Most haircare products contain parabens, sulfates, and various types of chemicals and detergents that ultimately contribute to damaged hair as natural oils are removed.

As with skincare there are so many new products to help with maintaining healthy hair that do not use these ingredients and are more natural and organic thus giving you healthier hair.

So here are my tips.

Hairstory New Wash:

Tips on how to keep your hair healthy after the age of 50

I have written about this hair product range before. The shampoo and conditioner is an all-in-one product and, as with Michael van Clarke’s haircare range, it is silicone free. I always use it on holiday as it is only one product and so simple to pack. I now alternate using it at home with the Michael van Clarke products as I have such split loyalties.

My daughters, who have long hair, have recently been borrowing my New Wash and cannot believe how their hair is so silky and tangle free. They filled in the online questionnaire and were directed to those products which would best suit their hair. My eldest daughter has curly hair and she was directed to the New Wash Rich plus some Balm for air-drying. The balm manages dryness, and comes to the rescue in case of over-processing. It’s a must-have to make curls perfectly imperfect, and to add weight to naturally big hair for a leaner look – all without feeling crunchy, sticky, gelled, or lacquered. My daughter is thrilled that she no longer has frizz, her hair is silky to the touch and is generally much healthier as no nasty chemicals.

Hairstory products come from the US and the whole range is getting rave reviews worldwide. You can buy a 236ml pump action dispenser for £44 and then if you like it you can join the New Wash Club to receive it automatically at £98 for a 20 ounce refill. You choose the frequency and easily change, suspend, or cancel your subscription at any time. They will charge your account for each delivery of a 20-ounce New Wash pouch (save 10% per ounce compared to the regular size) to refill a free, 20 ounce aluminium canister and 3 ounce travel bottle (both empty and included in the first shipment).

My New Wash lasts at least 12 weeks and I wash my hair most days plus my husband uses it too. Given that it is a combined shampoo and conditioner it costs us less than £5 per week. Both my husband and I have noticed a distinct improvement in our hair condition after using it just for a few weeks. I now could not be without it.

Yes it’s expensive but it has made my hair look healthy and shiny without having to do anything to it. It’s the stuff of magic, so yes I do think it’s worth it.

Zoe W.

Skincare for the hair. I spend money on my skin so why not on my hair? These are the best care products for your hair – I have never regretted paying the money.


There are many more styling products for your hair from Hairstory but New Wash is the hero product of the range. These include dry shampoo, Lift, heat protectant and Texturising Spray (beach waves without salt!)


Hairstory donate 1% of your New Wash purchase to non-profit, water-focused organisations vetted by 1% For The Planet.

Michael van Clarke 3”’ More inches:

Tips on how to keep your hair healthy after the age of 50

I have recently started using these products as Michael van Clarke is such a hair whizz. He has one driving passion – to help everyone radically transform their hair to the best it has ever been. Over the last 25 years he has obsessively researched and practised solutions to not just mask damaged hair but rebuild hair from within and protect every strand from root to tip. Your hair will grow healthy and strong with great flexibility and shine.

His Cashmere Protein UV Protective Shampoo is silicone free which means it will not lather and is much easier to rinse. The cashmere proteins are almost identical to human hair molecules. Then use the 3”’More Inches conditioner. Most conditioners simply smooth down the hair shaft, leaving hair looking shiny. 3”’More Inches conditioners actually help repair the hair so it grows stronger, more supple and shines with health.

You will need very little of each of these products when washing your hair. If you need a deep condition try LifeSaver prewash treatment. I apply it once a week at night time and then I shampoo and condition in the morning.

I think my hair has never looked better, less dry, more manageable and whilst it may not grow 3 inches overnight my hairdresser is always amazed at how it has grown between cuts.

My problem is the choice between Hairstory and Michael van Clarke’s range so I alternate.

Revitalash Thickening Shampoo & Conditioner:

Tips on how to keep your hair healthy after the age of 50

Having successfully thickened and lengthened both Grace and my eyelashes for many years the good people at RevitaLash have turned their attention to our hair.

The brand’s new Thickening Shampoo promises to cleanse, fortify and thicken hair while vastly improving scalp health (and it’s free from parabens and sulphates – win win!)  

The brand’s new Thickening Conditioner promises to improve your scalp and overall hair health by intensely hydrating and nourishing hair while protecting against environmental stressors.

I definitely think these are worth trying if you are suffering from fine hair.

Richard Ward Anti-Ageing Argan Shampoo, Conditioner and Masque:

Tips on how to keep your hair healthy after the age of 50

Richard Ward is hairdresser to the Duchess of Cambridge who has beautiful glossy locks. Assuming she uses his products then they must be good. I have not tried them but looking at the reviews they appear to be very popular and they sell in Waitrose.

Richard’s hero ingredient Argan Oil contains healing and rejuvenating properties to help age-proof hair and boost manageability.


There are always going to be days when your hair is just flat and needs a bit of a ‘shoosh’. My hairdresser introduced this product to me. Whilst he applies some before drying my hair I use it when my hair is dry. If I am going out in the evening I often give the roots of my hair a spray and then scrunch them up. It gives my hair lift and breaks it up. It also keeps my hair in place. So if my fringe has got a bit long and floppy it is useful in keeping it in place. Grace and I often use Glamtex before a photoshoot!

Silk Pillowcase:


You could try sleeping on a silk pillow; if you ever wake up with fuzzy hair that’s hard to tame after tossing and turning in your sleep, a silk pillow could be a game changer. The smooth texture of the silk doesn’t grab at your hair strands, so you’ll wake up with glossier hair – and an added bonus is the way it will prevent sleep creases on your face too!

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