Handbags: from Practical to Polished, High Street to Designer

HANDBAGS have a magical power to transform your look from practical to polished – they are the accessory that every woman loves to need.


Handbags date all the way back to the 16th century. And throughout history, fashion has given us a range of iconic styles, from exclusive Birkin totes to Louis Vuitton’s timelessly classic monogram collections.

They’ve grown to become a staple womenswear accessory.

They’re like a second limb, helpfully carrying your personal items – mobile phones, make-up, keys, bottle of water.

More recently fashion has welcomed back statement bags from Dior’s saddle style to Fendi’s monogram babies.

But not everyone has a designer budget so we’ve found you the best bags on the high-street now, with a couple of labels thrown in for good measure.






I hope Father Christmas pops one of these in your stocking!!

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  1. I can’t understand why you think everyone wants – or needs – a handbag. When I was a teenager I had one (still have it with what little ‘jewelry’ I have and don’t wear and when we went on our first cruise a daughter in law bought me a sequinned one but I hardly use it – afraid of losing it. So where do I keep my make-up? I rarely paint my face and when I do it’s with everlasting stuff which doesn’t need replenishing. Don’t carry bottled water. Keys and hanky are in pockets, along with my wallet. If I haven’t pockets I don’t need keys or wallet and the hanky goes up my sleeve. Handbags aren’t elegant, people can be elegant without accessories. Someone with an expensive handbag isn’t elegant if she slouches!

    • I think you may be the exception to the handbag loving women of this world. We agree with your sentiments about slouching. We also agree that fashion houses use skinny models which is why, when we can, we model the clothes ourselves as we are not skinny and definitely 40+ (more like 60+). However this is an expensive process as we have to employ our own photographer etc. But when we do use the ‘company pics’ we choose clothes that we think will work on older women however there are so many different shapes and sizes in the world that we hope the individual will recognise what will work for them. We feature clothes from Marks and Spencer and JD Williams who are definitely not expensive. But we must cater for all tastes and budgets as we did in the handbag post.
      Finally we are so happy that you do read our website and we hope that you read the other sections if you think the fashion doesn’t work for you. You sound like an octogenarian that knows their own mind so does not need to be influenced by us but do keep following us please. Have a very happy Christmas. A&G

  2. Oh – forgot to say that I’m over 80. Most of the clothes you feature are shown on skinny young women, certainly not 40+ And expensive. I buy glamorous clothes from Asos and Shein, the only person I want to impress is my husband of 60 years and I do. But there’s a lot more to life than clothes! Have a happy Christmas.

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