Happy Father’s Day from Annabel’s OH

download (6)I lost my own Dad, at a very young age, and so I never got to celebrate Father’s day with him.

With this background, I look forward to the F day with my own kids with a mixture of  excitement and trepidation.

The excitement of spending the day with all of my children, an increasingly rare occurrence, and trepidation that they will want to spend the day with me!

My wife and I are very lucky as our children never disappoint us; one reads such horror stories of dysfunctional families, children who hate their parents, and vice verca, but we are blessed with a strong family unit, with children who not only care for us, but more importantly care for each other.

There are, of course, the normal family rows and jealousies, but the speed of making up is heartwarming and the banter resumes, as though nothing has happened.

So I suppose for me every day is Father’s day, which is just as well, because none of my four children will be home this Sunday, all have prior and more pressing engagements, and the celebration has been postponed until Sunday week!

Don’t you just love your children?

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there!

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9 years ago

Dear OH,
You are a lucky man to be blessed with such a loving family. I believe that our children very much reflect the work and love we put into raising them. So today of all days you and Annabel should allow yourselves to feel proud and rather chuffed with yourselves! We too will be celebrating next week, Mr Beige is away in Los Angeles!
Happy Father’s Day!
Zoe xx