It’s (T)Hat time of year but have you thought of ‘Hat Hire’ (not hat hair!)

I am sure we have all heard of hat hire shops. I always forget to get organised and plan ahead though. However I was recently asked by a girlfriend to help her choose an outfit for her son’s wedding in July. Such an important event in any mother’s life so one needs to get the outfit just right.

I am happy to say that she managed to find the perfect outfit at the first shop that she visited. This was a big relief all round. However the hat was always going to be the tricky part. My girlfriend is not a hat lover apart from her bobble hat for dog walks! Nevertheless the hat is important not only as the final piece in the puzzle but because it pulls the outfit together. It also elevates the wearer from wedding guest to mother of the groom.

Ingrid Wright with just a small selection of her hats

My friend had heard of a fashion co-ordinator, Ingrid Wright, who runs a hat hire business from her home in Gerrards Cross. We arranged a private appointment. My girlfriend had an hour of Ingrid’s undivided attention and expertise.

My girlfriend took her outfit and shoes in order to get the whole look – this is vital. Ingrid advised us that the mother of the groom needs a hat that does not shadow her face too much. This is because she needs to be seen in the photos.

Hat Hire: some of Ingrid Wright's hats
The black and white section

We entered Ingrid’s emporium of hats – it was an incredible sight. Hundreds of hats laid out in colour blocks. Ingrid knows her stuff about fashion styling. Within seconds of talking to my girlfriend, finding out about her likes and dislikes, and then viewing the wedding outfit, she had shown us three hats. Each of these worked with the outfit so it came down to personal preference.

We chose very quickly as there was one stand out one that matched the outfit. It did not shadow her face and was so stylish from both front and back. The hire costs vary depending on the length of time you want it for and the hat you choose. Ingrid’s hat hire prices start at £80.

Hat Hire: my girlfriend choosing her hat
My Girlfriend trying on her two favourites – we chose the one on the left as it was a perfect match and so unusual.

What a fantastic service. A designer hat in perfect condition that you don’t have to store afterwards and probably not wear again. I have never seen such an extensive range of hats in one place. We were able to view it outside in natural light which made such a difference as one of the hats looked like it matched inside but outside it was definitely wrong.

Hat Hire: two of the hats from a young milliner
Two designs from a young Milliner.

Ingrid has a number of hats from up and coming milliners that she has sourced. She also has hats from designer labels such as Philip Somerville thus giving one the opportunity to hire a hat that is beyond our buying budget.

It was a really relaxed process and Ingrid advises you but in the end she lets you choose as it is you who is going to wear the hat.

If you want to contact Ingrid Wright at Elegant Hats for Hire please contact her by email or call her on 01753543597.

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