Good days, bad days

Having a bad day? What is it about good days and bad days? You know what I mean. We’ve all had them.

One day everything goes swimmingly. You win £3.40 on EuroMillions, an old friend phones you for a chat, you hop on the scales and discover you’ve lost 2lbs, you use a promo code to get a whopping discount on those ankle boots you’ve been craving, your teenager comes up and gives you a big hug. Marvellous.

The next? Absolutely nothing goes your way. Take yesterday for example. I overslept, stubbed my toe (ouch), then discovered two moth holes in my favourite cardigan. OK, I can cope with those few things, onwards and upwards. However, after limping down to the kitchen for a much needed latte, the man repairing our fence said the job would be a bit more expensive than he had originally estimated and by the time we had finished negotiating a final price, he was a bit huffy with me.

Not one, not two, but THREE friends called to cancel long standing diary dates – now I am worrying that no-one likes me. Tried to ring a few other friends, but they were all out (are they avoiding me?). Tried returning ansafone messages, got their ansafones (now I know they all hate me).

Usual yoga  teacher was unwell, and our normally blissfully relaxing class turned into actively agonising astanga. Think I’ve ricked my shoulder again. Drove to the supermarket to buy some coriander (essential ingredient for my Prawn & Salmon Burgers) but they had run out and had to buy parsley which husband dislikes. So, nothing ghastly, nothing serious,  just an accumulation of minor negative things that ruined my day.

HOWEVER,  I am taking huge consolation that the likelihood of everything going wrong in the next 24 hours is remote and that there is a very good chance of having a much happier day today. That’s life isn’t it… you have to endure the bad to appreciate the good.

Hope you are having a great day – if not, check this out. As Scarlett O’Hara puts it so beautifully: (click the pic)