HealGel: a brand with no ego just exceptional results

Have you heard of this brand of skin care – HealGel? If you haven’t then read on. I was asked to road test the full range and I was impressed with the results but equally I loved using all of the products.

The HealGel range was created by a team of the world’s leading plastic surgeons and an award-winning cosmetologist, who shared the goal of producing genuinely effective skincare products.

There are four products in the range so no problems choosing which would be best for your skin.

After years of cutting edge research on healing and regenerating skin, the HealGel team decided on five soothing complexes to be incorporated into their creams and gel –

  1. ARNICA LIPOSOME: helps to strengthen the capillaries and reduce puffiness and redness.
  2. BIODYNES: increases cell respiration and promotes cellular renewal.
  3. GLISTIN P4: a neuropeptide used to maintain the integrity of the neuronal network.
  4. HALOXYL: a tetrapeptide designed for the reduction of dark circles and puffiness under the eyes.
  5. MADECASSOSIDE LIPOSOME: extracted from Centella Asiatica, it reduces irritation, sensitivity and redness.

The last ingredient controls inflammation, stimulates collagen production and helps carry the ingredients as deeply as possible. We all know that, as we get older, we lose the ability to produce collagen so this is very important.

I have very dry skin and it did as good a job, and sometimes an even better job, as any of the really expensive products I have used before. I loved the fact that there are only 3 face products and 1 body moisturiser in handy sized dispensers.

There is a HealGel eye gel that does all those things you expect and need it to do – reduces puffiness and fine lines, and diminishes dark circles. Does it succeed? This product won a beauty award in 2015 and so it is not just me that believes it ‘does what it says on the tin.’

There are two face moisturisers, a general one and and an intensive one. You can use the HealGel face for both day and night and then use the HealGel Intensive just a few times a week or when you feel your skin needs that extra boost. At my age I felt the HealGel Intensive was an integral part of my skincare routine as my skin absorbed it and it did feel more nourished by the morning.

Fiinally there is the HealGel body which I absolutely loved as it absorbed so easily and I used it after being out in the sun on holiday. It has a delicate scent and the skin on my legs has been noticeably better. I find that wearing skinny jeans during the winter months makes my legs very dry so I now use this body moisturiser every morning and it has really helped without making my legs greasy.

Natascha McElhone has been an ambassador for the brand, on behalf of her late husband Martin Kelly (one of the founders), since his sudden death in 2008. Through her acting work around the world she has been exposed to the finest skin care products available, and is a passionate advocate of HealGel for daily use.

I would summarise by saying that HealGel is a simple skin-care range that is highly effective. Click HERE to go through to the HealGel website to purchase.

P.S. The HealGel team are still working closely with award winning biochemist Colette Haydon, a highly acclaimed French dermatological biochemist with extensive experience in the cosmetic skin care industry, who has won a host of international beauty awards for her products, and are at the very early stages of developing a 5th product to complement the HealGel skincare range. Watch this space!