Higher brows, better health!

Now that our son has moved to the big smoke to live and work, Husband and I found ourselves sitting in front of the TV most evenings with our supper on our laps. How couch potato I hear you cry. Well, we agree. So, we’ve started making much more of an effort to get out and about in the evenings. Obviously living in a rural area means we don’t have a wealth of culture on our doorstep, but we do have a good cinema and a couple of theatres. These evenings have kind of turned into date nights and, after twenty five years of marriage, that can only be a good thing. We both feel much better for it.

Anyhow, it’s official. New research shows that having more art and culture in your life is good for your health – it can help to combat loneliness, improve health, wellbeing and quality of life (particularly for older people – so tell your parents as well!)

Here are the key findings:

· 76% of older people say that arts and culture is important to making them feel happy
· Arts and cultural activities can help to combat loneliness: 57% of older people say that arts and culture is important in helping them to meet other people, whilst 51% say that it is important in making them feel less alone
· 60% say that arts and culture is important in making them feel healthy, with the same proportion (60%) saying it is important in encouraging them to get out and about.

Arts Council England, the national development agency for the arts, has unveiled a new short film to get us all motivated – whatever our age:

So, why not take advantage of some of the great cultural activities in the UK – you can choose from high profile performances, to informal free events – keep a look out for what’s on and go and enjoy it!