Some Holiday Essentials to pop in your suitcase

Having recently returned from Corfu I thought I would share some suggestions for your holiday packing, some products I found useful that worked well. Of course, holiday packing is always an issue for us ladies as there are so many things to remember. I always take too many clothes. This year I only wore a cardigan once, never wore anything long-sleeved as it was so hot, higher temperatures than is normal for June. My Heliocare sun lotion was so effective I never overdid the sun however, the mosquitoes were on the march and had their blood-sucking tentacles set on me.

Beauty Products

Going on holiday is not so much about make-up but about products to protect your skin. It’s a great time to simplify your routine and try new products. You will have more time to look after your skin and maybe even pamper it.

Murad Environmental Shield: this amazingly sheer SPF delivers broad-spectrum, mineral-based UV protection that doesn’t leave a white cast for truly radiant skin. It has carotenoid technology which reflects UV light for instant glow and acts as a powerful antioxidant to brighten and reduce visible discolouration while beet root extract quickly hydrates.

I used this every day and it has certainly protected my skin whilst also improving some discolouration areas that I have on my face.

For more SPF products and information from The Skin Specialist click HERE.

U Beauty Super Body Hydrator: We all need a good body moisturiser when we have been in the sun all day. U Beauty products always deliver great results. As they have just brought out this body moisturiser I thought it would be a good time to try it out. The sun makes my skin super-dry and by the time I get off the plane from my journey home my skin is peeling off.

This moisturiser is super light, absorbs very fast and your skin immediately looks a lot better – it gives it a glow. I have slathered it on every night whilst on holiday and since I got back so it has lasted for at least one month which does slightly justify the price. A little of this moisturiser goes a long way. And the best news is that my skin has retained its honey glow from the sun (can’t say suntan anymore as it is not PC) and has not all rubbed off.

Magnifying mirror: I often find that the mirror supplied in your hotel or villa bedroom is not good enough for such activities as plucking the odd misplaced hair. So I always travel with one that can attach to any mirror.

Hairstory: I use Hairstory shampoo but it comes in a large pouch so I was very happy to find that they now do a travelling pack that is light and will not leak in your luggage.


Loose dresses: there is nothing worse than trying to squeeze into tight clothes when you are hot. Loose, flowing dresses are so much easier and it means less to pack and expanding waist lines can be accommodated! And take some light vests or short sleeve t-shirts to wear underneath if you are not keen on revealing too much skin. I bought three dresses from Hope Fashion and found them perfect, they pack easily, no ironing required and cover all lumps and bumps.

Swimming shoes or shoes to get you from your sun lounger into the sea. Corfu has pebbly beaches mainly and rocks in the water or worse still the occasional sea urchin. So I like to wear shoes that I can swim in and which don’t collect the pebbles or sand. There is a huge selection on Amazon and they can all be rinsed off and are extremely light.

General Packing

Suitcase scales: Yes packing is a nightmare with all the weight restrictions by airlines so check what you are allowed and then weigh your case before you get to the airport. Nothing worse than trying to redistribute weight between your cases as everyone stands in the queue tutting!

Colour Catcher sheets: I use these all year round however, on holiday you might be washing clothes with other guests’ clothes and so these magic sheets of paper absorb any dye that runs so no washing mishaps or fallouts with your friends.

Anti-mosquito spray: Mosquitoes love me and I hate mosquito spray as it smells so chemical. However, when you go out, especially in the evening you definitely need to wear some. I have for years been using Mrs White’s Unstung Hero. It smells divine of lemon tea and so I am happy to spray it all over my body. Also when I get to a restaurant I spray under the table to catch those lurking mozzies. Though do ask the restaurant if they can burn some old coffee grounds near your table as that also works very well.

I hope you all get away with all the strikes and cancelled flights because we all deserve a holiday and an escape from our every day lives.