Holiday Packing Tips to help you have a stress free fortnight

Holiday Packing Tips to help you have a stress free fortnight

It is that time of year when we are packing for a holiday in the sun. I used to have two wardrobes, summer and winter – now I have three as I have added a holiday wardrobe. This is not because I have bought more clothes but because there are so many items that only work when you are in a constant heat of 25℃+. So I just roll out the high summer stuff when I am departing these shores or more recently when we have a heatwave in the UK.

Of course due to all the airline problems and the many stories so lost luggage we are being advised to travel with only a cabin suitcase. This is a serious skill to nail this but my fashionista friend from Canada often visits for two weeks with just a cabin bag and she always looks fabulous. So I gleaned a few tips from her too.


Holiday Packing Tips to help you have a stress free fortnight
  • Shoes: they take up so much space so try to really cut back. Maybe only pack one pair – this is a travel game-changer. I advise a cushioned pair so that if you go sight-seeing they are comfortable. You can wear these to travel in and then slip in to your case some beach or swimming shoes.
  • If I am travelling light then dresses are my go-to item and floaty ones if you are going somewhere hot. But do be careful of the fabric as you want lightweight. One of my summer dresses weighs so much so sadly never makes the cut.
  • Of course there are those that will say separates mean more outfit options and that is also true so maybe a mix is the answer.
  • Think carefully before packing gym wear – will you really go for that early morning run? Maybe do your exercise in the pool and then you can ditch the leggings and trainers.
  • This next tip is the most brilliant – ROLL UP EVERYTHING. Sounds crazy as surely your clothes take up the same amount of room whichever way you pack them. I don’t know why but if you roll everything really tightly then pack and you will be amazed at how much room there is for more clothes!

However one important tip is, if you have not worn an item in the last year then try it on before you give it valuable space in your case. It is amazing how the odd addition of a pound (weight) might exclude an item from being worn once you have arrived at your holiday destination. So best to find out before packing.


I have also put together a few holiday packing tips that I have picked up over the years from wiser women than I. I am a lousy packer which I have always blamed on my large family as, by the time I have finished packing for 4 children and eliminated unsuitable items from my OH’s case (read 1970’s flower power shirt!), then it is 3 hours until we depart for the airport, always at about 4 am. Consequently I just throw it all in and at the airport bear the consequences of being over the luggage allowance. I then embarrass all of my family and start to redistribute my possessions amongst their neatly packed (by me) cases on the floor of the airport check-in in front of an ever-increasing grumpy queue. I have therefore had to learn through my own mistakes.

  1. Stick to a colour palette of no more than three shades, and you’ll find that all of your holiday wardrobes will work together. I always pack in outfits, this way you won’t end up with one side of your case that doesn’t even see the light of day.
  2. Lay everything out, even your accessories, and style up each outfit to come up with a mini capsule holiday wardrobe. If you cannot wear something with two different pieces, then don’t add it to your bag.
  3. An on-trend kimono is a great option for throwing over anything from a swimming costume to leggings. See
  4. The humble white shirt should always be part of your holiday wardrobe as it makes such a good cover-up.
  5. Never leave your house without a scarf – if a long-haul flight then make it a cashmere one as the air conditioning can be quite chilly. A large silk square will double up as a sarong around the pool or beach.
  6. Your cabin bag should be a back-up bag in case your luggage is lost or if you are delayed and have to stay overnight in a hotel. So pack lingerie, swimsuit, sunglasses and flip flops so you are beach ready as you land and can cope until your bag arrives.
  7. A hat and if not a foldable one then, when you pack it, fill it with socks, knickers etc to keep its shape. If it is too expensive to damage, buy one when you are there and leave it for the next guest at the villa.
  8. Muji or Boots mini bottles are a must to decant your favourite beauty products into. I used to always take too much make-up and never wear any of it. I find that a bit of lip gloss and some bronzer powder is all I need, especially if I have had an LVL treatment for my eyelashes. Then just concentrate on taking skin protection and after-sun products.
  9. If you have a neutral coloured case then tie something bright to the handle so that it stands out on the carousel. It stops someone else mistakenly picking it up, thinking it is theirs.
  10. Finally, cull all that you have laid out by half as you will not use it even if you think you will!

Have a great holiday!