The secrets of home dry cleaning

home dry cleaningRecently I went with a friend to Winser London store in Marlow as she had read so much about their collection on this website. She instantly fell in love with one of their classically simple dresses as it would suit her lifestyle and her shape. However she was concerned that it needed dry cleaning and living in Norfolk there is a lack of local dry cleaners to her village and the nearest one is in Norwich. Apart from which dry cleaning is quite expensive. The sales assistant then told us about the dry cleaning sheets for tumble dryers.

home-dry-cleaningWe both went home and ‘Googled’ them and found that Dry Cleaner’s Secret Drying Cloths can be bought via Amazon. I have since ordered them and tried them out. I admit to being a little scared so I started with some silk scarves and during the 20 minute dry cycle I kept opening the door to make sure that the scarves had not shrivelled up and all was fine. The scarves came out clean and smelling refreshed. I next tried a wool blanket that I use to protect the sofa from my puppy who completely ignores our house rule of no dogs on the sofas! This time the dry cleaning sheet had a harder task as the blanket was quite grubby but it worked and, in my opinion as good as dry cleaners.

These sheets are not cheap – £8.49 for 6 however you can put many items in the tumble dryer at one time as there is no risk of colour running.

There are a few tips when using these sheets. Firstly if you have any stains or places of strong bad odour e.g. underarms, then use the sheet to rub these areas first. I put my tumble dryer on a low heat too as I was nervous of heat on wool or silk. If you do not like the perfume as some reviewers have remarked I can promise that it quickly fades and anyway it must be better than the chemicals that dry cleaners use.

home-dry-cleaningI have also bought a Dry Clean Stain Remover Spray for any really hard to remove stains e.g. fat or oil and, combined with the sheets, it has worked very well.

These two together are keeping my dry cleaning bills down and my clothes clean and refreshed. Just click on the pink links above if you would like to buy/try them too.