Hope Fashion is an explosion of colour for this summer

Hope Fashion is an explosion of colour for this summer and I know we bang on about incorporating colour into our wardrobes as we get older but it really does give one an uplift. So armed with my newfound knowledge of my own refreshed colour analysis see article here) I went to see the new summer collection from Hope Collection.

Nayna McIntosh, the founder and inspiration of Hope Fashion, has become a friend over the years. We really understand her mission to make women feel good about themselves and she truly understands the needs of older women with their fashion. Nayna listens to her customer’s feedback and reacts. So this season she has introduced a fourth size to the Hope range – Super Slim, Slim, Curvy and Super Curvy (the latter being so much nicer than being labelled Extra Large).

Nayna will also bring back a popular piece from a previous collection in different colours for example this season she has reintroduced the Batik kaftan in green following its popularity last year in red and blue. She has customers who have bought all three and when somewhere hot have lived in them rotating the colours.

This season Hope Fashion have items in Fuschia, Mango, Clementine and Azure. However, they have also not forgotten all those who love the neutrals and so there are lots of Champagne, Chalk, Mocha and white. As I said it is an explosion of colour and one that I found worked even on my super pale (English Rose!) skin. See what you think of the pics in the gallery below.

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If you want to see how other customers have styled the Hope collection then have a look at the #HopeByMe page on Instagram and also the gallery at the bottom of Hope Fashion’s home page.

I recently recorded an Instagram Live with Nayna which you can watch here and she explains what she is trying to achieve (and succeeding I hasten to add) with her brand.

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