How about trying some New Beauty Products in season 2 of lockdown?

I know who needs new beauty products? Isn’t the beauty market completely saturated? I have to agree but I love to try new products and during a second lockdown we maybe have a little bit more time to pamper our skin so why not take advantage of this time and try something new.


I love an oil cleanser as it means I can give my face a gentle, indulgent massage at the same time as removing all my makeup. This new cleanser, Abeille Royale, by Guerlain is sheer bliss. Guerlain Research has been working continuously with honeys and royal jelly to create Abeille Royale and we all know that bees produce many life enhancing products. If you are worried about this aspect of the product, or indeed of the range, you should know that Guerlain recently launched an initiative called Bee Respect. It does all sorts of good bee work, especially with some special bees from Brittany, and has paired up with Unesco in various bee initiatives.

This work has clearly been worthwhile as the Abeille Royale cleansing oil remove all types of makeup, even waterproof, from face, eyes and lips, while helping to free your skin of pollution and impurities. It should be delicately massaged directly onto dry skin. On contact with water its ultra-fine and honey scented texture transforms into a milky emulsion that rinses away easily without leaving an oily film. My skin is then fresh, supple and comfortable ready for any serums or moisturiser I am applying.

It may be a bit spenny – £42 for 150ml BUT my bottle seems to be lasting for ages as my whole face requires only two pumps. And anyway if you can’t spoil your face that is constantly on show then what can you administer some TLC to!

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We are all washing our hands more during this pandemic and now we have the added dehydration issue of the winter cold and indoor heating. All of these are contributing issues to dry skins on our hands.

This hand cream by Prai sold out in three weeks after its launch. We have in the past reviewed the PRAI neck cream (see post HERE) which is nothing short of a miracle cream so we were thrilled to hear that they were now focusing their expertise on our hands, another forgotten area of our bodies that could do with a bit of pampering.

PRAI beauty claims the product contains a powerful combination of ingredients that not only soften and hydrate your skin, but also improve elasticity and help fade the appearance of age spots, leaving you with hydrated, younger looking hands. 

The product description reads: ‘The formula not only hydrates hands, it helps address ageing too with 10% Macadamia Oil, Hyaluronic acid and Shea butter.’ 

I have a tube of it by my computer and it is my way of giving my hands a bit of love. I apply it at least three times a day as the gentle fragrance is very refreshing. My hands feel extremely soft and my cuticles are definitely behaving i.e. not getting dry and catching on my clothes. Does that happen to anyone else? I do miss having the occasional manicure but Covid-19 has put paid to that so this is my substitute manicure.

It is currently out of stock as it sells so fast but pop your email into the ‘Notify when available’ box on the Prai website. Click HERE.

Trinny London BFF De-stress Tinted Serum

Trinny just keeps coming up with new products that you didn’t know about but now can’t live without.

A first-of-its-kind tinted serum in 12 shades formulated with NP-TriOX™ Technology to combat the effects of stress on the skin.

Trinny London claims that NP-TriOX™ Technology (including stress-busting Neurophroline) works to tackle the short and long-term effects of cortisol while hyaluronic acid provides long-lasting hydration that plumps and smooths.

To me it is more than a tinted moisturiser but not as much as a foundation. It is a great everyday cover up that just feels like it is also working for your skin like a serum. My skin looks radiant without giving one that look of heavy coverage. The Hyaluronic acid gives my skin the wake-up it needs. I apply the BFF cream first as that has SPF which is still needed even on these grey days.

Apparently this De-stress cream has been three years in the making and I can understand why as it is seriously good and has made my foundation redundant as it is all the cover that I need.

Some stats: After using this product 91% of those surveyed agreed their skin tone looked more even, and after 21 days of use 84% of people felt their natural skin looked better after using the product.

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KALME – Chameleon skin concealer

Well this is new one to me – green skin concealer that changes to match the colour of your skin. Now if like me you are wondering why you need this then read on as it is NOT a gimmick product. This concealer contains anti-redness ingredients, anti-sensitivity ingredients, pre-biotics to help repair damaged and sensitive skin and an SPF 20.

I understand it is brilliant for those who suffer from Rosacea as it is calming and repairing as well as concealing. It works via a basket of naturally active ingredients and contains Biolin, which is a skin prebiotic proven to repair and strengthen delicate skin. I don’t suffer from this red skin however I have quite a bit of discolouration and it worked really well for me. No more having to match a concealer to my skin colour.

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I am a Hairstory devoted fan. I love their New Wash and all of my family are now using it. However there is a whole range of hair products and one that I would like to recommend is LIFT. It is a spray mist that you can apply onto damp hair before heat styling and it does what it says – it LIFTS!. You can also apply it to dry hair on days that you don’t wash your hair either by spraying, applying to a brush or just spraying some on your fingers and rubbing through your hair. Then just apply some heat, allow your hair to cool and shape your style.

It is not sticky and nor is it heavy and it is easy to work. It is especially useful during lockdown when haircuts are few and far between!

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