How many camels are there in Holland? Phyllida Law

This is the second book in the series, the first being Notes to my Mother-in-Law. It is no less endearing and charming and whilst Phyllida says she is not a9780007485864 ‘huggy person’ she is clearly a very warm, loving and charming daughter and mother, and one that would make a welcome addition to any family.

Phyllida Law returns to the tiny Scottish village of Ardentinny to look after her ma, Mego, after her Uncle Arthur dies (Mego’s second husband). Mego has become quite muddled and dotty but in a harmless way, living in a quirky Scottish community with a group of local villagers who all know each other very well.

So Phyllida with her two daughters, actresses Emma and Sophie Thompson, combine forces to support Mego and the book is full of amusing and hilarious anecdotes from these times. When all else fails it seems the ultimate remedy is a large G & T! There are stories from the past and it is all drawn together with little sketches which even on a Kindle are clear and very revealing as they reflect the warmth and love that these four women have for each other.

It sets an example of how families should look after the elderly and make their final days as full of fun and good times as they can. The account of the final hours will not leave a dry eye…..beware!