How to Accessorise: The Secret To Looking Stylish

Do you sometimes think style is something that everyone else has apart from you? Do you prefer to dress for comfort? Do you feel you don’t have the first idea how to look chic? Then reading this article may be just the tonic you need. Just a little knowledge about how to accessorise can transform the simplest of outfits, so that you can walk out into the world feeling beautifully confident…

OK, first things first. Your basic outfit. Keep it simple. From your existing wardrobe, choose a plain top (shirt, jumper, jacket) and a plain bottom (tailored trousers, skirt), or a simple dress. Something you feel good in and that fits you well. Now, let’s accessorise and inject that all-important element of style.


A necklace will, of course, pep up an outfit instantly. This long double strand of pearls is one of my favourites as I feel it not only enhances what I’m wearing, but that the pearls light up my face. Annabel generally wears more delicate jewellery – in this case her favourite silver leaf necklace and earrings from Catherine Zoraida.

Costume jewellery is available whatever your budget, so there’s no excuse not to treat yourself when you see something you particularly like. You deserve it! A couple of websites that are worth a browse are Mango and M&S – for example this Skin Kind hypoallergenic pebble collar necklace for £17.50 MORE INFO

Or how about these rainbow rhinestone earrings from & Other Stories for example? They’ll draw attention to your face and add some sparkle. £27. MORE INFO

Knowing how to accessorise is a basic fashion skill that elevates a boring outfit into a wow outfit.


A floaty scarf draped around your neck will enhance an otherwise plain outfit and flatter your complexion too. As demonstrated above by our lovely friend Ellie. Or how about a versatile twilly? Tie it around your neck, your handbag or use one to tie up your hair. There are some gorgeous examples at Aspinal and Etsy.

Once you know how, you’ll always look stylish in whatever you wear – even a t-shirt and jeans!


Choose the right pair and you get instant glam. It’s worth taking your time – and a trusted friend to give you their opinion – before you decide which pair to buy. One item I think it’s better to choose in store than to buy online (unless you already know which shapes suit your face). This is my friend Sally wearing hers – she looks so good in them she could be a film star!

Accessories add interest to a plain look, balancing everything out


Often used to accentuate a waist, a a belt can also add some serious style to your outfit. Narrow or wide, ornate or simple – you choose.


I am as guilty as the next woman of using the same old handbag every single day. Definitely need to make a conscious effort to use a different one every day from my little collection. It doesn’t take that long to transfer the contents from one bag to another. And, don’t, like me, keep your handbags “for best”. I have a designer bag that Husband bought me almost 30 years ago and I have used it about six times. What a waste! So show the world you’re not dead yet by selecting a clashing colour or something like this bold bucket bag from & Other Stories £65 MORE INFO

And this sale bargain from Kate Spade will get you noticed MORE INFO

Don’t wear too many accessories at once – keep to one or two main pieces


What you wear on your feet can transform your look from dull to special in the time it takes to put a pair of shoes on. So ditch boring and think about giving your feet some of the limelight. Choose a pair like these which have elegance, femininity and a practical low block heel.

White Plimsolls from Tesco £10

Or for informal days, make an on-trend statement by wearing white plimsolls like this pair I discovered in Tesco yesterday. I find them really comfortable and, on a practical level, they have a wipeable toecap and heel.

Or go for a flash of colour by choosing shoes like these:

Orange leather sandals MORE INFO

Fabi sandals MORE INFO

Pink Georgina loafers £54 MORE INFO

Yellow Melody loafers MORE INFO

That’s it! Hope you have found this article useful. Best wishes, Grace

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